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by - December 23, 2013

She's guest posting...without knowing it. Surprise, mom.  Mom wrote this post for our family blog/newsletter and because I love the way she writes and wish she'd guest blog more, I chose this one as our final post before Christmas.  It is fitting.

As I get the last minute prepping done for Christmas, pick up yet a few more groceries, wrap one more present, I ponder.  

I ponder about all the wonderful dishes mom would prepare for Christmas, on a very limited budget.  How do people on tight budgets afford Christmas these days?  Every trip to the grocery store easily runs to a $100 at least!  But mom always seemed to make our Christmas a real feast, even on her tight budget.  But then again, remember that was about the only time of the year we saw “bulk” or “hard” cheese.  And Japanese oranges. And cheese whiz on celery.  How was that it that I never noticed how much time mom must have spent in the kitchen making that wonderful tourtiere, carrot pudding and those amazing buns?  

Ah, yes, that’s called being a kid.  
All I knew was the wonder of homemade snow on a real Christmas tree, sparkling silver tinsel and the smell of fresh bread in the air. 

I spend a lot of time remembering how Christmas used to be in my world, particularly when we'd visit my Grandparents' homes.  They all worked so hard at making it so special, whether it was through the meals prepared, the traditions created or the true sense of family shared.  
I know now that tides have changed and it's now up to me to create those memories for my kids.  It's a task that I don't take lightly and will spend the next 20 years working towards as I try to imitate what my Grandmothers and Mom did for me so that my kids have something to not only look forward to, but to have as treasured memories.

With that, I wish you a magical Christmas and that you are able to spend time with your loved ones.  When we celebrate Christmas this week, I'll be remembering those people who have touched my life in so many different ways.

Joyeux Noel.

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