3 purple lies

Miss Lucia

Our sweet Lucia is now 3.5 years old and the cutest little bundle of joy we've ever seen.  I wanted to do a post for her similar to last week's post on Willis but hubby had a point;  to fully grasp the adorability of these things I'm going to share with you- you have to hear her voice and the way she says it.  It's the perfect amount of squeak mixed with fluctuating intonations and the cuteness of the way 3 year olds pronounce some words. So, I'll try to do her justice with some of her cuteness:

98% of the time, she refers to Willis as brother...pronounced braw-dah.
She reminds us to give her a needle when we've forgotten.
She has barely any clothes left in her closet as she is growing so quickly.
She is hates the Grinch.
She's a lefty
She can recognize 97% of the alphabet.
She has been spending more time with Kinsey and Addy during the day and Kyla is happy to report that the girls barely fight!
She will tell us she loves us 20 times a night. 
The other night, when I asked her who she loves, she replied breakfast.
A couple nights ago, Dan was preparing her bath.  This is the one-sided conversation that ensued:
Lucia: You almost burned me.  How could you do that to me?  I'm so cute!

Yup, that's our Lucia.