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2013- a year in review

It's been a year filled with dark and light;it's time to look back and reflect on those moments that have changed us and inspired us.
These are the moments I will remember when thinking of 2013.

Happy New Year!

What about 2012?

or 2011?
or how about 2010?
2009 was good.

And my first video...2008:

Happy 9th Anniversary, babe

Merry Christmas

Musings from a mom. Twice over.

She's guest posting...without knowing it. Surprise, mom.  Mom wrote this post for our family blog/newsletter and because I love the way she writes and wish she'd guest blog more, I chose this one as our final post before Christmas.  It is fitting.

As I get the last minute prepping done for Christmas, pick up yet a few more groceries, wrap one more present, I ponder.  

I ponder about all the wonderful dishes mom would prepare for Christmas, on a very limited budget.  How do people on tight budgets afford Christmas these days?  Every trip to the grocery store easily runs to a $100 at least!  But mom always seemed to make our Christmas a real feast, even on her tight budget.  But then again, remember that was about the only time of the year we saw “bulk” or “hard” cheese.  And Japanese oranges. And cheese whiz on celery.  How was that it that I never noticed how much time mom must have spent in the kitchen making that wonderful tourtiere, carrot pudding and those amazing buns?  


5 things that make me feel all warm and eggnoggy inside

1- the Love Actually extras
I can't believe I have never done this before, lover of Love Actually that I am.  The other night, on my 3rd time watching it this Christmas season, (which, by the way, pales in comparison to when Alynne and I used to live together), I decided to see what they had for extras.  Low and behold there is a wealth of deleted seasons that are explained and make it seem like there's a whole other movie to watch.  This is a must do for Love Actually fans out there; the fart bubbles are still making me giggle.  

2- A new blog to follow by a girl I would totally girl stalk in a non-creepy way
Once upon a time, I took in a Teacher Candidate, her name was Abbie.  She had a stellar fashion sense, an infectious smile and top notch teaching techniques.  She is now teaching and doing her thang and I'm more than pleased to see she has started a blog, Grumbling Grace.  She wrote for our 30 somethings and as I was impressed with her teaching years ago, I was again le…

Miss Lucia

Our sweet Lucia is now 3.5 years old and the cutest little bundle of joy we've ever seen.  I wanted to do a post for her similar to last week's post on Willis but hubby had a point;  to fully grasp the adorability of these things I'm going to share with you- you have to hear her voice and the way she says it.  It's the perfect amount of squeak mixed with fluctuating intonations and the cuteness of the way 3 year olds pronounce some words. So, I'll try to do her justice with some of her cuteness:

98% of the time, she refers to Willis as brother...pronounced braw-dah. She reminds us to give her a needle when we've forgotten. She has barely any clothes left in her closet as she is growing so quickly. She is hates the Grinch. She's a lefty She can recognize 97% of the alphabet. She has been spending more time with Kinsey and Addy during the day and Kyla is happy to report that the girls barely fight! She will tell us she loves us 20 times a night.  The other ni…

What the kids say about Christmas

We drove out to P.A for a quick visit at each of the grandparents' houses on Saturday. The following conversation happened in the back seat:

Is there actually a red nose, brah-dah?  Santa is used to the snow, Mommy. How does he go so fast? Mommy, if he's late to give the children the presents, he stops to visit. I know dat. What if he goes to the wrong house, Mommy? Will he go to your friends' houses? Liam is on the good list. I just know. Did you ask him for anything? Ya- a shovel, a hammer. Lucia? Dollies and paint. Daddy,  I can't wait til Christmas coming

Gotta love the pure joy that kids have during this time of year- it's contagious. I know I'm trying to soaking up every last ounce of them being believers while it lasts!

Okay Christmas. I'm ready.

I've been spending more and more time in the basement- but that's obvious as the computer is down there and really it doesn't feel like a basement.  Mostly because of the Christmas tree and village.  The village is a tradition we started the year we were married.  We've been buying a piece to add on with every anniversary (Dec. 27).  We'll soon outgrow Dan's ginormous table......

Have a fabulous weekend

Found on my iphone

The things that I need.

I can honestly say that I'm not really fully embracing the Christmas spirit right now, but I do hope to get there soon.  Truth be told- I'm not in the greatest mind frames: I feel deflated, heavy and just overall drenched in sadness.

There are numerous ways that I've learned to deal with grief (for the record- this is close friend #3 who has left without a chance to say goodbye).  (And I'm not stating that for a pity party, but rather so you can understand what has brought me to this point).  My spiritual beliefs are solid- it's more so how my body/mind handles the sadness that has been on my mind as of late.

This particular experience with grief has brought anger and anxiety.  Two exponents that, although may be a part of the grieving process, are taxing on me.  So I'm trying to figure out how to handle this.  I guess what I'm asking is- when faced with the difficulties that inevitably hit us in our lives- how do you healthily deal with them?

Just as I was…

Christmas is coming...

I have really enjoyed decorating our new house this year.  Christmas is my favourite and I really wish I could leave the decor up year round.  Here's a look at what we put together for the upstairs....yes we got a new tree and yes it 11 feet tall.  We have been drooling over the trees at Balsam Hill for a couple years and figured this year would be a great year to debut something new and grande in our great room. And grande it is....

OH, that Willis

Kids can have so much heart and insight.  Upon coming home last week to find me crying, Willis immediately came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss and told me he was sorry about my friend dying.  He then told me that I should make a list of all things that  I loved about her.  So thoughtful.


But just as he can be thoughtful- he can be a dork.  Later that same evening, we were having a cuddle on the couch and I was asking him where he got his muscles from.  He replied- because I eat a lot of protein.  After a pause, he then asked me what protein was.


For the past few months, Willis has been coming home talking about these great toys that they've been playing with at recess and that he most definitely wants for Christmas.  He is so into them that he spends his time building them with his lego.  It's a bleybley, mom.  So, for a couple of months, Dan and I have been quite sure that these boys have been inventing toys that look like tops.  From what I understood, some…

Good Grief and Good Byes

Good Grief

Monday I was at a staff retreat and was  in a very good place- spiritually- when I found out the news that Celine had passed away.   At the retreat, we had been discussing, among other things- wonder and awe in the face of Godly things in our world, and our images of Jesus.  How we see him.  I picked the image of Jesus comforting a child- because to me he is with us all through our life; in joy and in pain.  We also talked about the lyrics to the song, I Can Only Imagine.

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine.

The following day while leaving work, I just happened to look down at my rear wheel of my car and noticed a card of some sort in the snow.  I picked it up- it was laminated and on one side was an image of Jesus and on the other was a poem of sorts.

Strange?  Eerie?  Coincidence?