The weekend in words.

by - November 20, 2013

I am rested, renewed and bloated as hell after a weekend away from everything with the BFF in Vancouver. Serves me right for eating (and drinking) whatever I wanted while away, I'm paying for it now.  Ah well.

The highlights:
FRIDAY: Marathon at the mall day where shopping was our cardio and it took 4 lockers to store our goods.  We strolled, we browsed and we bossed each other around to try on different outfits.  It was a busy 8 hour day.  And a great one in our books.  Topped with pedicures and then some great greek grub after.
Right before the shopping action began

sporting some new duds to supper
 SATURDAY: Sleep ins and cuddles in the morning where Christy insisted on jumping into bed with me and snuggling.  She's like that.  She wasn't happy with this picture, so I thought I'd air it again. For fun.  Because I'm like that.
Sleep was great and much needed.  We spent the day strolling in beautiful fall-like downtown Vancouver.  What a nice break from the snow- it was lovely.  The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the spa and then a supper on the pier.

my morning ray of sunshine

View from the condo

It was a much needed weekend and probably, maybe, but not likely cheaper than therapy.  It did me good to take a step out of my responsibilities in order to fully appreciate what I have going on at home.  I came home a very happy mommy and we all know that A happy wife is a happy life.

That's my abridged version of what happened.  For a more in depth look, take a cruise of to Christy's post about our adventures...

The end!

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Have a lovely day!