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Ya, you could say that acreage life can be a little overwhelming.  I have learned very quickly that there is always something to be done- whether it's catching gophers or landscaping- time, especially when the weather cooperates, is of the essence.
This fall has been spectacular for the weather.  I can't believe the colours that the sky can change in just one hour.  If anything- it has been the beauty of the nature that has stolen my heart in this move.  Ya, the house is awesome, but man, I can't put a price on that view.  It makes me want to start painting again.  It has been so good for my soul.

So before the snow flies (which hopefully isn't until December?)  I thought I'd give you a look of some of the outside landscaping progression we have made.  5 acres is overwhelming to me, but not so much when we start it chunk by chunk.  So far the husband hauled a gazillion rocks from around our property to make flower bed retaining walls.  We've had top soil delivered to fill said flower beds, he built a dog run and mowed out the sections for our garden and cherry trees and lastly we're having the retaining wall done.  Not too bad for starters.  I'm excited to see what this place looks like in the peaceful winter nights, but I'm also excited for the spring when we can start planting some trees and a garden!

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