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Rest peacefully, friend

Monday was a heartbreaking day.  The world lost a beautiful person and the heavens gained a great soul.  Our dear friend, Celine passed away.
Celine was a participant in our 30 somethings and Mommy Diaries.   I am blessed to have called her friend.

The blog this week will remain silent as we light a candle for our friend and pray that her family finds peace.

Rest peacefully, dear friend.  You are loved forever and will live on in us.

Shop my closet

Fact: I have a roomy closet that contains many great finds.  I like to consider it to the curator in my museum of pieces.
Now it's time to start passing on some of these treasures to new homes and it's something that I've been wanting to do for a long, long time but haven't been able to find the right method for it. Enter Trend Trunk, which I read about on one of the blogs I follow.  I have seen other systems used by fashionistas in the States, but I needed something Canadian and voila, I have found it.
This is a temporary solution to what I want to be able to on Shoes to Shiraz, but for now it will work.
So...don't hesitate...snoop away on the 12 items I have posted for sale.  There's a good mix of bags, shoes, clothes and jewels and I'm hoping they all find a new home!

My closet on Trend Trunk

ps- if you seriously want one of these and are from around here- email me and we'll work out a deal!
pps- I've already sold something!!!

Happy Monday!

Almost that time!!!!!

If the choice was all mine- I'd decorate this instance. For some reason- I'm super excited for Christmas! 
What are you most looking forward to?

The weekend in words.

I am rested, renewed and bloated as hell after a weekend away from everything with the BFF in Vancouver. Serves me right for eating (and drinking) whatever I wanted while away, I'm paying for it now.  Ah well.

The highlights:
FRIDAY: Marathon at the mall day where shopping was our cardio and it took 4 lockers to store our goods.  We strolled, we browsed and we bossed each other around to try on different outfits.  It was a busy 8 hour day.  And a great one in our books.  Topped with pedicures and then some great greek grub after.

 SATURDAY: Sleep ins and cuddles in the morning where Christy insisted on jumping into bed with me and snuggling.  She's like that.  She wasn't happy with this picture, so I thought I'd air it again. For fun.  Because I'm like that.
Sleep was great and much needed.  We spent the day strolling in beautiful fall-like downtown Vancouver.  What a nice break from the snow- it was lovely.  The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the spa a…

2 BFFs take on Vancouver. The one with all the pictures, randomly placed because I can't figure out how to make them look nice.

Deena's Wish list

It is very suiting that my wish list is on today as I'm jetting off to Vancouver with my BFF on our annual shopping trip.  It is only the two of us this year, which will be different from years past- but I'm down with that. The other girls will be on speedtext and I'm sure Christy will talk enough to make up for the lack of voices....

Now on to my wishlist.  Our goal was to give you some ideas for when you're shopping for that someone special...or maybe you have to make a list for your hubby and have no clue what you want.    I realize that I shouldn't have let Kyla go first as now I just want to copy what she wants.  That happens a lot with us- there are many repeats outfits/shoes in our really is a shame that we aren't the same size.


1) Tall boots
I've had my eye on Frye boots for awhile...I just need to find a pair that will fit my thick calves.....ladies- always measure the circumference of your calves...makes online boot shopping …

All I want for Christmas is...

Kyla's Christmas Wish List

At first, I found it hard to come up with a list of things I would like for Christmas or really at anytime in general.  Mostly because the things I would like are large and unattainable at this time (new furniture, new computer, new dishes, etc. etc.).  However, after some perusing I quickly came up with a list of things that have caught my eye.  Which actually isn't hard because I am drawn to many things.  The last time I was at the mall and had to walk through The Bay, I noticed it was Bay Days.  I quickly had to avert my eyes and quicken my pace so that I wouldn't stop to admire anything.  I could also probably search the Sephora website or store and come up with at least a hundred items that I would like so I tried to keep my list short when adding those such items.  Alas, here is my wish list, in no particular order. Wait a second, yes it is...

Clothing & Shoes

1. Mukluks.
I have been admiring these mukluks for some time now.  I finally …

Conversations with his Dad

Since discovering his ability (and newfound love) for texting, Willis has been asking non stop to do the ichat thing with Dad while he's been working in Toronto this week.  Both nights while I was putting Lucia to bed, I succombed and let him.  Very entertaining to read the stories that happened while I was out of the room....good luck deciphering Will's phonic a side note...I think he has this texting thing down- even more than my mom.....