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Willis le capitaine- grade 1 edition

Despite the rough first 2 weeks adjustment to grade 1, Willis is having a great time at school.  He has some learning to do- as do all kids who are transitioning from a mostly fun Kindergarten learning environment to the busy-ness of a rich in instruction grade 1 classroom.  Wow- has he learned a lot already in his first 1.5 months of school.  He is now speaking in sentences in french and his vocabulary has probably quadrupled- maybe more.  I love it.  He is thrilled to bring home homework and has time set aside to work on his french reading. I love seeing my boy passionate about learning- that's so important!
This week he was the classroom capitain and he requested we make a video- and that we did.  So I leave you with that on this beautiful Friday.  Have a great weekend!

Willis capitaine 2 1 from Dee on Vimeo.