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When the crazy comes out

So this summer I discovered that there's a runner in me who can actually handle small distance running.  High five.  I also did a fun run at Color Me Rad which I was totally against doing in the beginning. High fives again.
Another discovery was where the crazy lives, and I found her while running.

I hate running when people are around me. I feel like I look like Phoebe did on that  episode of Friends.

I get frustrated and give up if the following things aren't perfect:
  • All hair is secure in a headband and braid.  Hair cannot be bouncing and heavy.
  • I hate when my hands hit my earphone cords and rip them out.  Drives me bonkers.
  • My running pants? capris? (whatever you call them) need to fit properly.  I made the mistake and bought a pair of cheapos from Walmart who then constantly kept rolling down.  So annoying.
  • No music? No running.
  • I can't run with my shadow beside me- she looks like she's going so slow that I figure I might as well walk.
I think running will always be a battle with that inner crazy voice and as I learn ways to push myself and ignore her, I know I will win.  But regardless what I think is the most important is that I'm getting out there and doing something, right?


  1. I also can't run unless my Nike + app is on. I don't want to log any km without them counting!

    p.s. Why the heck am I standing like that in the photo? Was I that tired?


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