The runner in me.

by - October 07, 2013

This summer was a simple summer: lots of down time and the opportunity to set some goals.

One of my goals was to get into a workout routine and get in shape.  I love feeling strong and healthy and I knew I had to jump on this opportunity of plenty of down time to get moving.
My goal was to get in the habit of running 5k and to run 3 times a week.   I am not a runner and had to work at this goal as it was a battle each and every time.  But I won it in the end.  High fives.

I really enjoyed morning runs on the riverbank this summer- the kids also enjoying a couple hours of playdate with their friends at daycare.  In July I ran a total of 44.5km which was tough because I had to work myself up from thinking running 2 km was hard work.  Then we had provincials for ball and I did something to my ham string (is that the under muscle on the leg?) and had to fight through pain.  The pain and discomfort finally subsided at the beginning of September.  Stupid legs.

In August I did much better, doing 64.5 km.  I was finally enjoying my chunk of excercise/quiet time and had mastered the art of running a completely 5km without wimping out half way through.  It got to a point that I actually even looked forward my workout. Weird.

September was just as successful, doing 58.6 km and even participating in my first 'fun' run at Color Me Rad. I did, however have to adjust to a new routine with work starting and colder weather.  I have been good at getting to the gym before my school day starts or after I'm done/before I get the kids.  I miss running outside, as I'm wimping out in the cold.  We'll see how the transition goes to October....
Runners out there...what do you do to survive the winter? Does a treadmill really cut it?

Before jumping into the lake on a run at Tobin this summer

My favourite spot on my runs out by our new place

Nothing but fields of gold out near us

For me, this summer's runfest was a HUGE accomplishment.  I just hope now that I can keep this up and not end up back at the starting point of trying to motivate myself to do 2 km.  Biggest factor for me was using the (free!!) Nike app.  I could track my distances, keep up with my Nike friends, do challenges with my cousin, and post my runs to Facebook which felt like I was letting people down if I didn't run, so I had to.
It's all a mind game for me.......

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  1. The runner in me is proud of the runner in you! Once you get your groove on, running is just the best. The runner's high will keep you running for years to come. I love how you kept track of the kms by month - very motivating to keep you going for months to come. Keep it up!

  2. You are doing awesome, Deena! I think you will do fine on the treadmill . . . you just need to find the perfect show :-)


Have a lovely day!