3 purple lies

Lucia's growth

First thing, a big thank you for the other affirmations that flowed in after my post on Monday, but mostly thank you for reading and a being a part of my story- wherever you find yourself.

Lucia went for her second (every 4 months) checkup last week since starting her growth hormone treatment in February and I'm SO thrilled to report that again, Dr. PediatricEndocrinologist was thrilled!  In fact, he was bored- there was nothing for him to investigate.    It is so good to be experiencing such positives after such a long road.  This day seems so far away now.

So what does best case scenario look like in the world of growth hormone treatment?  Well, Lucia has grown as much as she possibly could!  In fact, since we started this in February, she has grown 5.5 inches.
I sometimes need to do a reality check and realize that kids grow like this all the time, kinda and it's not really that amazing..but COME ON! I haven't had the thrill of buying her new clothes or shoes because she was the same, small size for such a LONG time!  The girl now has a serious shoe collection to keep up with her growing feet!

So here's to our growing girl and to the many more pairs of shoes she will have to acquire to keep up with this hormone treatment!

Also- I find it amazing to look back at home much she's changed since we started in February:

She has definitely grown out of her baby features and no longer looks like a freakishly small child when grouped with others her age.  Now she just looks cute and petite.