3 purple lies

Lucia's getaway

Last week was a psycho week- one that had me at Volleyball  two nights for city semis and then finals, then another night for Parent Teacher Interviews.  I know, sob sob, poor teacher having to work extra hours with that glorious summer to look forward to. Don't even start me.

What did work out perfectly for last week, however, was a two day getaway for Lucia to have some one on one time with her Nana and Papa in PA. That also gave us some time with Willis, which is also a blessing.

So instead of boring you with how awesome I think my rock star daughter is, how about we hear it from someone else this time......a guest post by Aunty Monique.

So... I called and talked to Lucia at my parent's tonight :)  here's a recap.

Conversation #1.  6pm.

me: what are you doing?
Lucia: making cookies
me: what type? 
Lucia: butter
me: yum.  what else is in them?
Lucia: more butter.
Mom: and cocoa!
Lucia: (totally unimpressed) ya, and cocoa.

Conversation #2. 7pm
me: Lucia, how are your cookies?
Lucia: um, good.
me: did you put butter in them?
Lucia: no.  sugar.
me: really?  sugar is good too.
Lucia: ya, and butter.

a few seconds later, talking to my mom, telling her about a brunch/work thing coming up on friday, and I tell here there is bacon (was on speaker phone)
Lucia: BACON!!!! where is bacon??
mom: no, there is no bacon here, we are talking about somewhere else.
Lucia: why can't I have bacon?
mom: there is no bacon here, we have cookies though.
Lucia: can I have bacon on cookies?

end of story.