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I have these moments when I really wish all I did as a job was this blog; I would love to grow it and nurture it and make it work like so many other bloggers have.  Not too sure how yet.
Then I'll have these moments when I wonder why I even continue to document my life in this format for the masses, when the masses are likely only me, some friends and my mom.
Lately these moments have been happening quite often as I find I'm maybe, perhaps, kinda, sorta in a midlife career crisis.  Minus the midlife part, I'm not there yet.  Is there such thing as a third life crisis? Cause then I'm there.

But then those moments of inquiry will be magically followed by something I can only figure out as fate answering my questions- and that kinda sorta happened for me this past weekend.  Not once, but twice.
These kind acknowledgements from two different people were the affirmations I needed to keep on keeping on with this blog thing.

One run in was with an old acquaintance from high school and the other was with a reader who knows my aunt and we were at the same event.  The world is small but is made even smaller when you realize how often our worlds can be linked.  And maybe possibly it is made that way when you read someone's blog- as I do of so many other bloggers- and you relate to their worlds and make connections with them.  Both women are people I would love to have a conversation with and that was made real on Saturday when they said hello.  Which was neat and made me feel good inside, so thank both of you lovely ladies for that.

I have long believed that one of the most enriching things we can do in life is to form strong relationships and network some serious connections in our circle of awesome people.  This blog lets me do that and I am glad I have come to that conclusion with the help from some reader friends.

Have a fabulous Monday


  1. I am so glad you got to connect with some readers who aren't your mom or friends! I love CONNECTIONS! Very awesome!

  2. mornings without your blog are so blah

  3. Good afternoon Deena,
    Great post!

    Too blog or not to blog, 'tis the ?
    I think it is therapeutic to write out your thoughts, whether they be just for your eyes or for that of others (and I don't do it enough). I find as you/we write, we usually in the end, end up clarifying our thoughts on whatever we are writing about, which in turn allows us to accept and move on to something else OR motivates us to dig deeper. Either way I think is good.

    By allowing others to read our ideas, views, opinions, we open ourselves up in many ways. Some scary, some uplifting. I tend to focus on the later.

    Crisis... how about the word "transition" instead. :-)

    Those magical moments are what make life so exciting! They happen for a reason and you are exactly right when you say they affirm what your thoughts/feelings were telling you, which I find energizes you even more in the direction that you are heading, wherever that may be.
    By keeping yourself in the frame of mind that you were in when these things happened (which can be very hard when we are always busy), will only allow these types of things to happen again and again, which is even more exciting.

    Lastly... relationships. I have similar thoughts.
    I feel that these are the most important things we have in this world as irregardless of our life's circumstances (money, job, geographical location, etc.), we will ALWAYS have the relationships with those people in our life. The inward-looking question is "What do I invest my time in each and every day other than those relationships?"
    That sole question always redirects my attention back to those important "relationships". Rather than investing my time and energy into what I would call 'worldly' things, I try each and every day to invest more in those around me (both near and far), and let's just say, it's not always easy, but I happily continue to work at it.

    Thanks for the fabulous Monday Deena!
    (and keep up the blogging!)

  4. Hi Deena,
    I felt honored to have met you in person on Saturday. However, because I have been following (stalking) (LOL) your blog for a long time, it truly felt like I had met you long ago. I have followed your blog for a couple of years now...even before I knew who you were...(ie, that I taught your cousins, and auntie, & have worked with your auntie for many years).
    When I read blogs, my husband has from time to time asked me, "Why do so? What do I find so interesting about reading about other peoples' lives?"
    For me, it is all about connecting to others and their experiences in life. When you write about the joy of being a parent, I recall those same kinds of joyous memories of when my son was younger. (Or the opposite...when things don't go well or you have worries, I can get that because I too have 'been there' in some way. When you write about outings with girlfriends, I recall my experiences with girlfriends and it reminds me to pick up the phone and plan an outing. When you share your new home excitement & decorating ideas, it inspires me to make some changes around my home. When you show your family get-togethers, talk about your values, and your dreams and aspirations for your family and yourself, it makes me pause and do some self-reflection in this area, too.
    I truly admire you, and all bloggers for your ability to be vulnerable...to put your life 'out there'...to be willing to take a chance...to be a risk-taker when writing your blog. (Jordan's blog post about Damned if You Do, and Damned if You Don't addressed this issue very well.)
    It is through your writing, that you connect with others, and, people like me connect with you and to 'your life story'. By doing so, 'our stories' become entwined. And really, as you wrote, isn't connecting with others, developing relationships, the most important thing in life?
    Wish I would have had more time to get to visit with you in person, but until that time comes around again, I will continue to 'connect' with your story. Thanks for the privilege!
    Shelley F.

  5. Jennifer Ladner22 October, 2013 07:13

    Hi Deena! I am proud to announce that I am neither a friend nor am I your mom! Voila! Haha... Not a day goes by where I don't read your blog. Reading your blog makes me feel like a normal person, like someone else goes through all the same stuff and I am not alone. I love your blog. Oh and I should mention, as a new mom of a beautiful 4 month old I really appreciate your stuff on parenting. One last thought... As a blogger you are putting words out into the world that are changing someone’s life. You can bet on it. You may never hear from the vast majority of them but you are making a difference. Thank you for that.
    Your fan, Jenn Ladner (formerly Simair)

  6. thanks for the thoughts, everyone! Jordan- I remember the day you started blogging- super exciting.
    Mom- let's go to Scotland.
    Mr. Fior!! A blog reader!!! Who would've known. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!
    Shelley- it was my pleasure to meet you- I have a feeling we'd have a great many conversations over a nice glass of wine. Plus you're a teacher too. You totally get me.
    Jenn- Cool cool cool that you're a blog reader and congrats on mommyhood! I have, in my possession, a very cute video of you (formerly on VHS) when you were 8ish doing gymnastics with Monique. FYI. that was random.
    Thanks again for the love, folks!


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