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Lucia's getaway

Last week was a psycho week- one that had me at Volleyball  two nights for city semis and then finals, then another night for Parent Teacher Interviews.  I know, sob sob, poor teacher having to work extra hours with that glorious summer to look forward to. Don't even start me.

What did work out perfectly for last week, however, was a two day getaway for Lucia to have some one on one time with her Nana and Papa in PA. That also gave us some time with Willis, which is also a blessing.

So instead of boring you with how awesome I think my rock star daughter is, how about we hear it from someone else this time......a guest post by Aunty Monique.

So... I called and talked to Lucia at my parent's tonight :)  here's a recap.

Conversation #1.  6pm.

me: what are you doing?
Lucia: making cookies
me: what type? 
Lucia: butter
me: yum.  what else is in them?
Lucia: more butter.
Mom: and cocoa!
Lucia: (totally unimpressed) ya, and cocoa.

Conversation #2. 7pm
me: Lucia, how are your cookies?
Lucia: …

Simply Foodtastic - Lentil Burgers

We have been making some adjustments in our lives with new work schedules. With that, we have been having a few suppers for lunch when R works later in the afternoon.  I enjoy our family time together around the table and this gives R the time to eat with us and then take left overs with him to work.  Today I tried a recipe that was in the Live Better Walmart magazine.  Surprisingly, I have found quite a few wonderful recipes in this magazine. In the Fall issue, Chef Michael Smith included some of his favourite recipes using lentils.  I have been looking for some new recipes using lentils and I have to tell you, the Lentil Burger recipe was fantastic.  Last night I cooked the Slow Chicken & Lentil Stew (which was also great) and today was the burger recipe.

Making vegetarian burgers can be a very messy job and while these ones were still quick gooey to put together, the end result was well worth the mess. We had the burgers on my go-to homemade buns,  recipe courtesy of my Aunt.…

On putting in the hard work

My mommy wish list for my kids contains some hefty wishes, some of these wishes include: develop a love of learning, an inquisitive mind, be a good friend, a good listener....
I could go on.  But what always tops this list is for Lucia and Willis to learn empathy and respect above all.
I have had a couple great conversations with moms in various stages of momming about how you teach a child to be empathetic or respectful.  Always great ideas and perspectives come from these talks.

I read recently a couple interesting articles in Chatelaine which have given me further help in this discussion.
This first article is in this month's print edition- I couldn't find it online and it was my favourite- it was talking about how to teach your kids gratitude and empathy and offered some great tips.  The pointers that most stuck out to me were : "Hands down, the number 1 way kids can learn to be grateful and show empathy is for parents and other adults to model it for them."  T…

Lucia's growth

First thing, a big thank you for the other affirmations that flowed in after my post on Monday, but mostly thank you for reading and a being a part of my story- wherever you find yourself.

Lucia went for her second (every 4 months) checkup last week since starting her growth hormone treatment in February and I'm SO thrilled to report that again, Dr. PediatricEndocrinologist was thrilled!  In fact, he was bored- there was nothing for him to investigate.    It is so good to be experiencing such positives after such a long road.  This day seems so far away now.

So what does best case scenario look like in the world of growth hormone treatment?  Well, Lucia has grown as much as she possibly could!  In fact, since we started this in February, she has grown 5.5 inches.
I sometimes need to do a reality check and realize that kids grow like this all the time, kinda and it's not really that amazing..but COME ON! I haven't had the thrill of buying her new clothes or shoes because sh…


I have these moments when I really wish all I did as a job was this blog; I would love to grow it and nurture it and make it work like so many other bloggers have.  Not too sure how yet.
Then I'll have these moments when I wonder why I even continue to document my life in this format for the masses, when the masses are likely only me, some friends and my mom.
Lately these moments have been happening quite often as I find I'm maybe, perhaps, kinda, sorta in a midlife career crisis.  Minus the midlife part, I'm not there yet.  Is there such thing as a third life crisis? Cause then I'm there.

But then those moments of inquiry will be magically followed by something I can only figure out as fate answering my questions- and that kinda sorta happened for me this past weekend.  Not once, but twice.
These kind acknowledgements from two different people were the affirmations I needed to keep on keeping on with this blog thing.

One run in was with an old acquaintance from high …

Willis le capitaine- grade 1 edition

Despite the rough first 2 weeks adjustment to grade 1, Willis is having a great time at school.  He has some learning to do- as do all kids who are transitioning from a mostly fun Kindergarten learning environment to the busy-ness of a rich in instruction grade 1 classroom.  Wow- has he learned a lot already in his first 1.5 months of school.  He is now speaking in sentences in french and his vocabulary has probably quadrupled- maybe more.  I love it.  He is thrilled to bring home homework and has time set aside to work on his french reading. I love seeing my boy passionate about learning- that's so important!
This week he was the classroom capitain and he requested we make a video- and that we did.  So I leave you with that on this beautiful Friday.  Have a great weekend!

Willis capitaine 2 1 from Dee on Vimeo.

What we did in gratitude.

A full house is my ecstasy. I admit it.  I love hosting friends and family alike and on the Thanksgiving weekend- we did that.  We sardined 14 beings in our house for a massive sleepover/camp out and I loved every minute of it.
Highlights of my weekend was the weather and the laughter. We laughed so much this weekend- mostly at the expense of people, of course.  Like the time when Kyla and Brother Rob mistook sucre a la creme for gravy and put that on their potatoes....or when Lucia referred to our wedding picture as "hey mom, it's Beauty and the Beast".  So much laughter is so good for the soul.
Other things I really enjoyed was our movie night fit with a projector, our traditional Thanksgiving movie Home for the Holidays and a candy and popcorn buffet.  Also the numerous walks, runs and flashlight adventures in the great outdoors.
All in all- probably one of the best weekends I've had in awhile.  But- great food, the company of beautiful people and gorgeous weather…

Giving thanks

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend I want to bring myself to a place of gratitude, which isn't always easy when life can sometimes be surrounded by turmoil, hate, envy and greed.  I want to be grateful for the life I have been given and the wonderfully positive people who surround me.  Life, to me, would be nothing without these people.
I have consciously done a couple things in my life to keep that message of gratitude omnipresent.  I want to it envelop my little family so they too can know the power of two simple words: thank you.
Project one was some artwork for our house:

And project two was some artwork for some seriously special people in my life.  I would have made more but ran out of canvas.  I think this is something that will be continued to be paid forward as I think as parents, we often need that reminder.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. Meister Eckhart
Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

When the crazy comes out

So this summer I discovered that there's a runner in me who can actually handle small distance running.  High five.  I also did a fun run at Color Me Rad which I was totally against doing in the beginning. High fives again.
Another discovery was where the crazy lives, and I found her while running.

I hate running when people are around me. I feel like I look like Phoebe did on that  episode of Friends.

I get frustrated and give up if the following things aren't perfect:
All hair is secure in a headband and braid.  Hair cannot be bouncing and heavy.I hate when my hands hit my earphone cords and rip them out.  Drives me bonkers.My running pants? capris? (whatever you call them) need to fit properly.  I made the mistake and bought a pair of cheapos from Walmart who then constantly kept rolling down.  So annoying.No music? No running.I can't run with my shadow beside me- she looks like she's going so slow that I figure I might as well walk. I think running will always be a b…

The runner in me.

This summer was a simple summer: lots of down time and the opportunity to set some goals.

One of my goals was to get into a workout routine and get in shape.  I love feeling strong and healthy and I knew I had to jump on this opportunity of plenty of down time to get moving.
My goal was to get in the habit of running 5k and to run 3 times a week.   I am not a runner and had to work at this goal as it was a battle each and every time.  But I won it in the end.  High fives.

I really enjoyed morning runs on the riverbank this summer- the kids also enjoying a couple hours of playdate with their friends at daycare.  In July I ran a total of 44.5km which was tough because I had to work myself up from thinking running 2 km was hard work.  Then we had provincials for ball and I did something to my ham string (is that the under muscle on the leg?) and had to fight through pain.  The pain and discomfort finally subsided at the beginning of September.  Stupid legs.

In August I did much better, …

The best of all recipes....

Alright- I had to be creative to make this one.  You see, at work we occasionally order from and have found our fave and don't seem to stray too far.  It was called the Pub Salad at Athena's and is now called the Maple Salmon Salad at Specklebelly's.  All the same.  OF AWESOME.
Spinach, cucumbers, peppers, red onion, hard-boiled egg and maple-glazed salmon topped with a dijon vinaigrette.

Seriously.  So good.

My version of the salad has a teriyaki glazed salmon (I use the Company's Coming teriyaki sauce) and the dressing is this one.  But I've also made one that uses a red wine vinegar which was just as good.
I could eat this salad every stinking day.

In fact, I may just make it tonight.
Have a great weekend!

What to do with the pumpkin....

Oh, what to do with all these pumpkins, the biggest one weighing in at 130 lbs...

We could carve them....

Or attack them...

Or drool on them...

Or attack them....

But most likely- we'll eat them.  Did you know that not all varieties of pumpkins aren't awesome for eating? I did not until we pureed a bunch of last year and then made some of the most despicable, flan-like pumpkin pies around.  This year we're a lot more educated about le pumpkin and have only made awesome pumpkin pies, pumpkin breads, pumpkin cookies and the newest addition to our recipe box: Pumpkin Turkey Chili.  You gotta try this- such a nice change for the normal flavours of chili. This one tastes like fall!