3 purple lies

Willis, in grade one.

Willis began Grade one this year, what a big adjustment!  I think it was even more difficult than Kindergarten.  Must be the full day, every day.  He was Jekyll/Hyde for the past two weeks, going from adorable little man to full grown grumpy bear within seconds.  Yikes.  That makes for a long week when I'm single-parenting.
He is at the same school, has a shorter bus ride and his teacher is a good friend of mine (bonus!) Also- I taught her kids, so it's only fair she gets mine.  Willis LOVES her and was so thrilled to learn he was in her class.
When I asked him what he likes about grade one he usually launches into tales about how it's different than kindergarten.. we eat after recess at lunch, mom. That's cool.   You know, tales of all the important stuff like what he does at recess, who he plays with and which girls are currently chasing him.
As soon as we get him adjusted to his new routine, I'm sure it'll be a great year!  Music to my ears when he came on Friday super excited because MOM! I HAVE HOMEWORK!!!

Have a great weekend!