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by - September 16, 2013

It feels like a very long time since I actually sat down and wrote a post; it'll be good to get back into the routine of over sharing with the masses. And I have plenty to share with you- from the rest of our summer adventures, to getting back into a routine and work and everything else in between.  But first, I just wanted to extend a big virtual high five to all the ladies who participated in the 30 somethings- I loved hearing different thoughts on life in our 30s and I hope you got something out of it too. It was also a nice blog break for me this summer so I could dream up plans for the fall.  I'm also thinking that next summer we'll run something similar and of course, I'll be looking for victims volunteers.

It's so hard to believe that summer has already come and gone when the weather in September has almost been better than July.  I feel like an impromptu lake visit is in order, but most likely I'll just have a beer and clam on the deck and pretend.

Speaking of beer and clam the lake, we spent one of the last weekends of summer with my side of the family, minus the brother and Jen, at Greenwater Provincial Park.  Ma and Pa had rented a cabin and invited us to come up and invade their privacy- which we happily did.    My review?  Cabins were really nice, close to the marina and close-ish to the beach.  There were tons of trails for adventure had we been feeling particularly adventuresome, there were NO mosquitoes, the beach/things to do with kids was fantastic, but the water was not as pretty.  Maybe we're spoiled having grown up with Prince Albert National Park and all the lakes surrounding it in our back yard, but still, Greenwater was fun and I'd maybe go again.

Why don't you check out the pictures for yourself.

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