Summer read #10

by - September 02, 2013

The Magician's Nephew- C.S Lewis

I had the goal of reading the entire series over the summer but then I think I got derailed by far too many Elizabeth Berg books.  I shan't give up though because they are quick reads.  I think I have actually read this one before (which I wouldn't be surprised given my talent to forget what I've read and then reread by accident).  When I finished this one, I informed the husband that I thought it was just so-so.  It didn't get my crazy enticed like Harry Potter did.  He let me know that it gets better from there so I will give it a shot.
Anyway, I'll keep you posted when I get a minute to fit in the other 7 books of the series and if they get more exciting for me.

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  1. I enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia, and I have to agree that the Magicians Nephew as only so-so. I would say that my favorites are Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair. My least favorite is The Horse and His Boy followed by the Magician's Nephew. I would encourage you to keep at them, and they are all pretty quick and easy reads :)


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