Fall Fashion: Trendy updates for the wardrobe


Fall has got to be my favourite transition of seasons.  That fresh, crisp air; the beautiful palette of colours; the honking of geese flying overhead in their team spirit V shape and the golden streams of sun that shine across the freshly harvested fields of the prairies. Beautiful.

Even more beautiful?  Fall shopping.
There are two times of year that I go absolutely bat-crazy for fashion.
Note: husband would translate this to overboard, me, I see it more so as a stylish research from my position as a teacher/role model/yummy mommy.  It's practically a science.)
The two times of year?  Fall and Spring: the absolute best times to shop and rejuvenate the wardrobe.  They only have fall and spring fashion weeks for a reason, people.  Winters and summers for me are spent hibernating, updating accessories/shoes, drinking beer and clam and staying in my pajamas as long as possible.  But fall and spring?  It's strictly business.

Now I'd like to share with you how I've updated my wardrobe for the fall, trying to bring in some of the current trends:

Leather  (and I'm only going for small doses and obviously it's pleather).

1) Kensie skirt (paired with an oxblood tank) (oxblood is a great add in colour for the fall)

2) Michael Kors pencil skirt.  I love this skirt because it has the touches of leather and it's the super classy pencil skirt shape.  This is also the comfiest skirt I've worn.


1)  The leggings.  My BFF and I had many text conversations about introducing a piece a camo into our wardrobe.  She went with the Gap and I went with my favourite store, Simons. Click HERE for their camo lineup. I am happy with my choice, leggings are so comfy and they can easily be paired with my other new obsession- the oversized sweater.  Currently Vero Moda at the Bay has had some of my fave! THESE are the pants I had originally wanted.

Animal Print

1) The leopard print pencil skirt.  This is a bad picture, and then I went to take another one and realized that Sara had my skirt.  She thought it was the comfiest skirt she's ever worn.  That's two votes for this skirt.

2) Shoes!!!! An easy and non intimidating way to introduce a perhaps scary pattern into your wardrobe.  Both of my animal print shoes also happen to be my current fave designer, Michael Kors.  The moccasins I just got, the heels are a couple years old and one of my fave pairs to wear with a solid color.

And my all time favourite purchase so far was from the Bay, both Vero Moda.  Mixing in the pleather leggings with a comfy, oversized tiger sweater.  I LOVE this outfit.


  1. I love this post. Maybe you will push me into leather. I was just telling Sara that I wasn't sure I could do leather but maybe I can? Well Pleather. And sara did tell me about her love for the animal print skirt!

    Also, love the leapord shoes. I am a firm beleiver that accesories can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary !

    And in closing I need to find myself an oversized sweather and also adding camo leggins to my shopping list. Ha!

  2. I am with Christy! I love the fashion posts! Great idea getting a few key items to update for fall. I may have to take off on a Saturday without kids and head to the mall!


Have a lovely day!

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