Chatelaine told me to eat this.


This summer I strayed away from my normally well planned weekly meals in search of some inspiration and I found this inspiration in my current favourite magazine, Chatelaine.  I tried numerous recipes that looked delicious on paper and were just as delightful when right in front of me.

The first that I tried was a Saskatoon Berry/Strawberry infused pie thing. I can't remember the name of the topless pie with the fold over crust.  It was fun to make, especially knowing that we had just picked the berries ourselves at Dan's parents.  This was a great recipe and what I most appreciated about it was that it allowed me to be messing with the crust- I'm not the pastry maker in our home...that's my hubby.
Here's a recipe- it's not the exact same one.....but whatevs

The second recipe that I was so happy to see pop in Chatelaine was something I HAD to try.  My circle of friends from work frequent Rock Creek quite often and always order the same thing: Charboiled Caesar Salad. So good.  So when I saw THIS recipe, it was a no brainer- in fact, I quickly passed the recipe on to the girls as well.   This caesar has quickly become a staple in our weekly meals.  Love it.

Another recipe I tried that was good, but not my favourite was the mango chicken lettuce wraps with satay dipping sauce:

And lastly the Proscuitto and Peach Salad.

By far, my fave was the caesar salad, I think it was because the romaine heads are BBQed- I love me a warm salad!

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