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Book Club- September's Read

Before I tell you all about the super awesome book we read for our September's gathering- I do want to quickly update my last summer read (#11) which was Never Change by, surprise, surprise, Elizabeth Berg.  At least I think that's what it was called- it's been so long. I should really write things down right after I read them because all I can tell you was that I think this book was so-so, it didn't leave a lasting impression.  It was about a lady (nurse) who takes care of her high school crush as he comes to terms with/succombs to terminal cancer.  It was a sad read.

On the total opposite side of the spectrum was our September's pick for our book club.  This is our second year of gatherings and we decided to structure them a bit differently, drawing a theme for the month that we host.  I drew biographies so I picked a book a read and loved last year, Let's Pretend this Never Happened by the Bloggess, aka, Jenny Lawson.

I love this book and laughed out loud both times I read it.   Multiple times.  She is honest, witty and writes in the best run on sentence kind of way that will have you tearing up you are laughing so hard.  I also love this book because it encourages youth to embrace themselves, regardless their imperfections...something that is so difficult to do when you're a teenager.  Jenny battles depression/OCD/anxiety disorder and other things, but faces these obstacles with humour.  I love that.
Read this book.