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In my 30’s……  I must admit that when it came time to sit down and actually write for Deena’s blog, I felt writers block – uncharacteristically speechless!
I pictured myself being so much wiser and having everything in my life so much more together by this point!

I decided to write about a realization I just had:

Recently a quote (on Pinterest of course!) caught my eye, and I thought it fit well with my career.  “Be strong, for you never know who you are inspiring”

As a teacher and a coach, I still felt like a rookie in my job most days. Even though I’m comfortable and at ease, sometimes you are still trying to “fake it until you make it” I had a vague awareness, but no real idea the impact I had on my students and athletes until relocating and leaving to another position.
It was after many heartfelt cards and messages about influence, guidance and inspiration that I began to grasp the impact one can have in a young person’s life.
I had no idea the confidence that my young students or athletes had in my abilities as a teacher, a coach and someone to help them navigate through the potholes and hurdles faced by teenagers in high school.
And in reality, this really not a surprise… I chose my profession because others had an impact on me.  I wanted to be a high school PE teacher and coach because of influential teachers and coaches I had in my life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, in our 30’s while we still may be searching for role models and mentors- we have in fact become them to others.  To our children, our students, nieces & nephews, colleagues and to our friends.

I really believe that friends and family are the most important things in life and have begun to give myself permission to say no to that which prevents me from having a balance of friends and family.

As I begin a new chapter in my life, this will be difficult to keep up, but there in lies a certain freedom, even to say “I’m giving myself permission” to do something that is good for me!

I loved reading everyone’s guest blogs & thank Deena & Kyla for this unique experience. Much love to you ladies.

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  1. Great post, Chantelle! I still feel like a "new" teacher. I actually have to give myself the odd reality check to remind myself that I am actually moving into the middle of my career. I totally get what you are saying.


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