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Chatelaine told me to eat this.

This summer I strayed away from my normally well planned weekly meals in search of some inspiration and I found this inspiration in my current favourite magazine, Chatelaine.  I tried numerous recipes that looked delicious on paper and were just as delightful when right in front of me.

The first that I tried was a Saskatoon Berry/Strawberry infused pie thing. I can't remember the name of the topless pie with the fold over crust.  It was fun to make, especially knowing that we had just picked the berries ourselves at Dan's parents.  This was a great recipe and what I most appreciated about it was that it allowed me to be messing with the crust- I'm not the pastry maker in our home...that's my hubby.
Here's a recipe- it's not the exact same one.....but whatevs

The second recipe that I was so happy to see pop in Chatelaine was something I HAD to try.  My circle of friends from work frequent Rock Creek quite often and always order the same thing: Charboiled Caesar …

Fall Fashion - The somewhat put together but not really stay-at-home mom

Our last Fall Fashion guest post is by the sister, Kyla.  We've had a great time putting these together for you and are definitely coming up with some new ideas.

Fashion.  I can't say that I am a trendsetter or fashionista.  However, I have always enjoyed buying key pieces of clothing that added style to my wardrobe.  I believe in paying for a quality piece of clothing instead of buying a bunch of cheap clothing that doesn't fit or wear properly. Having said that, now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I don't have that extra money for those splurge items.  I am also just working through the multiple stages and sizes your body goes through after getting pregnant, having babies, breastfeeding, etc., etc.  I am finding that now I can get a few keys pieces of clothing that can amp up my wardrobe and make me feel stylish and good about myself.  I feel much more confidant when I am dressed well and style my hair.  I don't necessarily follow trends or what is "in" f…

Fall Fashion- The put together working mom.

Today's Fashion Week post is by my BFF, who used to be scared of leggings and is now rocking some majorly cute outfits.

A few weeks back Deena asked me to guest post on fashion.  My blog started by being totally devoted to my pregnancies and then to my kids, but now that they are a little older and I have a little more time to myself, I've started blogging about fashion here and there. It wasn't something I was ever into, until recently.  Considering that I work attached to the mall and throw in all the fashion blogs that I have started to read and all of a sudden following the latest trends has become somewhat of a hobby!

I don't claim that I am the most trendy person or that I even have any idea what I am talking about when it come to style.  My goal when I get dressed is to feel put together rather than to feel stylish.  I don't sacrifice comfort for style either.  Except maybe on the odd pair of shoes.  As a mom, I can't be bothered with anything that can&#…

Fall Fashion: Trendy updates for the wardrobe

Fall has got to be my favourite transition of seasons.  That fresh, crisp air; the beautiful palette of colours; the honking of geese flying overhead in their team spirit V shape and the golden streams of sun that shine across the freshly harvested fields of the prairies. Beautiful.

Even more beautiful?  Fall shopping.
There are two times of year that I go absolutely bat-crazy for fashion.
Note: husband would translate this to overboard, me, I see it more so as a stylish research from my position as a teacher/role model/yummy mommy.  It's practically a science.)
The two times of year?  Fall and Spring: the absolute best times to shop and rejuvenate the wardrobe.  They only have fall and spring fashion weeks for a reason, people.  Winters and summers for me are spent hibernating, updating accessories/shoes, drinking beer and clam and staying in my pajamas as long as possible.  But fall and spring?  It's strictly business.

Now I'd like to share with you how I've updated …

Willis, in grade one.

Willis began Grade one this year, what a big adjustment!  I think it was even more difficult than Kindergarten.  Must be the full day, every day.  He was Jekyll/Hyde for the past two weeks, going from adorable little man to full grown grumpy bear within seconds.  Yikes.  That makes for a long week when I'm single-parenting.
He is at the same school, has a shorter bus ride and his teacher is a good friend of mine (bonus!) Also- I taught her kids, so it's only fair she gets mine.  Willis LOVES her and was so thrilled to learn he was in her class.
When I asked him what he likes about grade one he usually launches into tales about how it's different than kindergarten.. we eat after recess at lunch, mom. That's cool.   You know, tales of all the important stuff like what he does at recess, who he plays with and which girls are currently chasing him.
As soon as we get him adjusted to his new routine, I'm sure it'll be a great year!  Music to my ears when he came on…

Book Club- September's Read

Before I tell you all about the super awesome book we read for our September's gathering- I do want to quickly update my last summer read (#11) which was Never Change by, surprise, surprise, Elizabeth Berg.  At least I think that's what it was called- it's been so long. I should really write things down right after I read them because all I can tell you was that I think this book was so-so, it didn't leave a lasting impression.  It was about a lady (nurse) who takes care of her high school crush as he comes to terms with/succombs to terminal cancer.  It was a sad read.

On the total opposite side of the spectrum was our September's pick for our book club.  This is our second year of gatherings and we decided to structure them a bit differently, drawing a theme for the month that we host.  I drew biographies so I pickeda book a read and loved last year, Let's Pretend this Never Happened by the Bloggess, aka, Jenny Lawson.

I love this book and laughed out loud bo…

Welcome back!

It feels like a very long time since I actually sat down and wrote a post; it'll be good to get back into the routine of over sharing with the masses. And I have plenty to share with you- from the rest of our summer adventures, to getting back into a routine and work and everything else in between.  But first, I just wanted to extend a big virtual high five to all the ladies who participated in the 30 somethings- I loved hearing different thoughts on life in our 30s and I hope you got something out of it too. It was also a nice blog break for me this summer so I could dream up plans for the fall.  I'm also thinking that next summer we'll run something similar and of course, I'll be looking for victims volunteers.

It's so hard to believe that summer has already come and gone when the weather in September has almost been better than July.  I feel like an impromptu lake visit is in order, but most likely I'll just have a beer and clam on the deck and pretend.


30 Something - Kyla

On being thirty.  I was looking forward to my thirtieth birthday.  I felt no sense of pending doom or old age.  I was excited to start a new decade in my life.  It felt like when I turned thirty, I could hang up the stretched and worn wool coat of my twenties and let out a sigh of relief.  I could say, "Look at me world, I'm thirty!".

In my 20s I accomplished tasks on my to-do list with my high level of stress and worry.  I studied hard and enjoyed university life immensely.  I met new friends and strenghthened bonds with old friends.  I travelled bits of the world with school, with friends, with my future husband and with my brother and sister.  In my 20s I also experienced young love, heartbreak and met the love of my life.  I had my first new vehicle, my first home, my first job and started a family.

In my 30s I feel like I am enjoying life without the intensity I had in my 20s.  I feel more laid back and care free.  I don't let things bother me as much and I don…

30 something- Alynne

"To me, you are perfect......  Love is actually everywhere."  -from Love Actually