Willis turns 6

by - August 06, 2013

Our little guy is now a six year old, which I find somewhat hard to believe. He is growing up far to fast and when I look back even a year ago, when we were preparing him for kindergarten, he has changed leaps and bounds. There are moments when he seems so mature and so grownup...but at the same time, I can still seem remnants of a young boy, struggling with his emotions. Wishing our sweet little man a very happy birthday. We love you very much!
Willis is 6 from Dee on Vimeo. It seems almost impossible to recall a time when we didn't have a Willis lighting up our lives. 6 years, hey? Well, Willis- if you happen to be reading this far down the road- all you need to know is that you are loved and supported unconditionally from your family. You are a blessing in our life. And just in case you're having problems remembering how cute Willis was- here's a video from when he was just shy of 2.
Untitled from Dee on Vimeo.

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