Summer vacation 1

by - August 02, 2013

We are back from our first little family getaway of the summer. This leg of the race had us heading to Dinosaur Provincial Park (in the middle of nowhere, not in Drumheller).  Dan had camped there as a kid and had great memories and I was game for something different.  We were planning on camping there on the way to Calgary and then on the way home in order to break up that horrible drive- but the mosquitoes were so bad that we cancelled our second night.  So bad.  Not even exaggerating- they were immune to bug spray and were in your face the minute you sat still.  We managed a hike up one of the hoodoo mountain things, but had to spend the rest of the time in our tent.  I wish the mosquitoes were extinct, like the dinosaurs.  I think the kids had fun though and I would go back provided we could spend some time outside.

The kids were awesome on this trip and I'd like to thank Pinterest for that.  I had made some craft stations for them so they were entertained on the road.  Favourites were the Dry Erase board, the window markers and the post it notes (which they'd stick on the windows)  I organized their markers in a cut in half shoe organizer that hung on the back of our seats.  This was easily dismantled and stored in the compartments at their feet.

The purpose of our Calgary trip was to finally see Uncle Rob and Jen's new place and to get in some adventures.  One day we spent in Banff hiking the very busy Johnston Canyon and Lake Louise.  I need to add Lake Louise to my want to do list...I can't believe how beautiful it was and that I've somehow missed going there.  The kids were rockstars and managed the trek to the Upper Falls- Lucia spending most of her time in the carrier on my back or in Rob or Dan's arms.  Willis was all energy and did it all himself.  He also insisted that I take pictures to prove it to Papa that he made it to the top.

Another bonus of the Calgary trip was seeing my BFF and being able to go out for drinks with her on her birthday!  That was a fab break!

On our second day we did Callaway Park- which was also a first for me.  That was somewhere we always drove by on our yearly trips to Vernon but never stopped.  I wonder how much we actually complained to stop there and drove our parents crazy.  Needless to say, I was quite pumped to go and loved every second of it.  I was pleased to see the number of rides Lucia could actually go on.  We could've spent all day there but had to head home in the afternoon.   

On our way home we decided to break up the drive with a stop at the awesome spray park in downtown Drumheller.  The kids loved it and got way more into the water than we had thought they would.  Good thing we had a change of clothes.

All in all- a fantastic trip that made me so grateful for my sweet little family and the little things in life!
Cheers to safe and fantastic long weekend!

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