Summer reads 7&8


I finished these books awhile ago and have gotten behind in my postings with our 30 something series.  I thought I better cover a couple reviews as I'm starting Read #11 tonight.  So here it goes....

#7  Talk before Sleep (Elizabeth Berg)

Another great read
It made me feel sorry for women who don't have friends.  Everyone should have a good friend to hold on to through this crazy life.  You can share so much with your friends and it makes everything easier knowing you have a support system or reliable people to laugh with.

This book reminded me so much of the feelings I experienced when we lost Kelly- except we didn`t get to say goodbye to her and in the novel, the protagonist drops everything to be beside her friend in her last months. 
I remember a moment, days after Kelly died, I was in the ratty bathrobe talking on the phone to some guy while in the stinky furnace room at my mom and dads. That room always smelled of cat litter. But it was quiet. I remember crumbling to the ground, sobbing- maybe it was the first time I broke down- I remember how rough the robe felt on me and my hair being up in a towel.  Kyla came and put her arms around me and just hugged me until I could stop the uncontrollable sobs.
That's what this book felt like:  A good friend, and the comfort you only know when you have a friend.

#8: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

This book was recommended by a reader and I`m so glad that she suggested it- I LOVED it!  It was mysterious and intriguing and had me going to very end.  I was drawn into the characters and loved the way that she developed the plot.  I'm not even going to give you more details because it is that good and I wouldn't want to wreck it- that is all.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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