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Family Summer Vacation 2

We just spent 3 glorious days relaxing at the lake with the Hamiltons in our yearly family vacation.  Husband was quite quick to inform me that it wasn't yearly yet, per say, as we've only done this last year.  What can I say, when I know something is good for me, my soul and my family- I want it written into our family routine.  I just wish we could get the other families out too. Maybe next year.
Last year (in our inaugural annual family getaway) we hit up Emerald Lake for a rain filled weekend with the Hamiltons and Gates.   I grew up spending camping weekends with either my grandparents or my parents' friends- I think being able to do this provides the kids with some opportunity to really get to know the people who are important in our lives.  It was amazing how quickly Willis, Lucia and Calder got to playing together and how much they seemed to enjoy it.  Of course there was the odd fight- but they were quickly resolved.  The other thing I really enjoyed watching was Lucia interacting with Jordan and Hugh- she has been so shy for so long that it's super cute to see her professing her love for other people.
It was a great week at Tobin Lake, a little cold for my liking, but that didn't stop us from jumping in the lake.  We also managed to motivate each other to go for runs and took turns cooking/manning the kids.  It was great teamwork, if you ask me.  It's great spending time with another family who has similar parenting styles- or so I think anyway.  I mostly enjoyed the nightly conversations after the kids were in bed and the beer and clam.
Until next year when we hit up Waskesui!

I tried to compile my ten favourite pictures (because there was 400) that really shows what we did and everyone who was there.  I feel I could easily choose 20 pictures, but I don't want to overwhelm you, so I ended up with 16 instead. I wish I had some pictures of the cabin Jordan had rented for us, or the mosquitoes that sucked (literally and figuratively) as well as the cozy mornings spent around the fire.  Ah well, this shall do.