30 something- Jessica


What is 30?

30 is putting lotion on your neck as well as your face.
30 is running a ½ marathon for the first time.
30 is falling in love with myself and treating myself accordingly.
30 is wearing comfort and not settling for less.
30 is pride in being one of the oldest on a team.
30 is injuries lasting a little longer than they used to.
30 is hitting one out of the park for the first time in 15 years.
30 is drinking wine and fine dining.
30 is the reflection of self and a journey towards betterment.
30 is learning to go out without make-up on.
30 is rejoicing in the patience of finding the perfect match.
30 is admiring smile wrinkles.
Most of all,
30 is understanding that I know less than I thought I knew in my 20s !

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