Voices of the past

by - July 22, 2013

This past weekend was the probably close to the 15th time I've competed in a Senior level Fastball provincial competition. I've been fortunate to have spent the majority of my time on the diamond with a team who won 9 (10?)of those titles during their reign.  We have so many championship sweaters that I've lost track of our winning streak.  Our team was a family who cared deeply for one another which in turn, created ties that bind for a lifetime.  We were led by 3 calm, cool and collected men who patiently put up with women, a whole gaggle of them.
These past three years I've been playing with a younger team who are still very much in the building years.  Tons of potential, stellar athletes and energy abounding is what make up this team who have easily found a place in my heart.  There are girls on this team that I absolutely love and am thrilled to play ball with.  That's a good feeling.
I still somehow feel in limbo though, stuck between something that was out of this world, incredible and something that has the potential to be just as good.  It was during the most important weekend of our ball year, that the voices of the past spoke to me on the diamond.  I could hear Jim's calm reassurances dig deep girls, one ball at a time.  I could hear the positive encouragements of our elder geese pushing us on.  It was neat to be stuck in between two different paradigms as we tried for a repeat this year at provincials.  Sadly, we came up short in the semis this time but fought the entire way and played the way our team is capable of playing.  There is pride in that.
It's funny how tense, blood pressure raising situations like this can bring out the best and the worst in us.  It's in moments like these that I am glad/proud/humbled by my roots as they have taught me so much about the game and life. I am the player that I am because of the ladies in Shellbrook and our coaches who led us. When we did our dedication this year- I played for you.

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  1. Chantelle LaMotte22 July, 2013 18:06

    Such a great post Deena, I miss those times so much.


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