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The story about the first time you tried to ride your bike

Dear Willis,
Today was the first time you tried to ride your bike, without training wheels.  Your sister wanted to come out and try her bike out too so I dressed you both up (you had been running around the house in your underwear- surprise, surprise).  Lucia doesn't know how to ride her bike, so after I removed the training wheels from yours, I also lowered her seat so she could learn too.
We set out on our little country road to get you going and you were excited.  In retrospect, I think you thought it'd be simple and were unpleasantly surprised to find it would be a challenge.  We gave Lucia a little ride first and we cheered her on as she learned to peddle her bike, then it was your turn.
These are moments I don't want to forget when I'm older.  I want to remember how you broke off the top of your helmet and I got mad at you.  You have the cutest eyes when you're feeling remorseful.   I want to remember how your orange sweats were drenched up the front (it looked like you had peed your pants everywhere) but it was from a run in with the hose while filling up your sister's sand bucket.  I want to remember that look of determination in your face as you faced your obstacle, all the while shyly asking me not to let go of you.
You were so scared of falling. Mom, what if I hurt myself.  Mom, what if I bleed.  You were adamant that I not let go of you while I tried to teach you how to balance and peddle at the same time.   You grew frustrated.  I could tell you were reaching your limit and would likely snap at any moment.   Lucia, in the meantime was happily skipping along the road, following her big brother.  Suddenly you dropped your bike and sprinted the whole 100 meters back to the garage, without looking back.  Lucia and I just looked at each other in awe and kept on trucking.  I figured you would have your quiet time, compose yourself and come back out, well that or completely self-destruct and take it out on your room.  Luckily, about 5 minutes later you came back out and stated: Mom, I just needed some time to cry it out- I'm feeling better.
So we got at it again and I taught you how to stop yourself from falling and other random tricks that I would hope would help you gain confidence.  You worked at it for a bit more and showed a lot more strength, but eventually grew tired and wanted to go back in.
I love watching you learn.  I love seeing how you can get frustrated but that you are learning how to deal with that.  Mostly, I love you.
Also- I didn't include the part where you sobbed on the side of the road for a good 5 minutes.  You're welcome.


  1. Oh Willis, how I love you! :0)

  2. gramma says ditto! plus a gravel road is a challenge!


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