The master suite


This very well may be my favourite part of the house.  But I said that about the great room too.  I guess it's not a bad thing to love every room so much that sometimes I just go back and forth and never really settle because there are too many spaces I want to occupy.
The master suite is upstairs, off of the great room and is surprisingly quiet.  It has the two pieces that were on both of our wish lists : a large closet for me and a walk in shower for the husband.
Let's start with the closet.
Tons of shoe storage- however, I am going to ask the builder to add the shoe shelves all the way to the ceiling. Why not use that space.  Also? I'm sure I'll collect more shoes/purses as time goes by.  The builder made the call to switch back to the 12 foot ceilings (we originally had 9 ft like the bedroom/bathroom).  Tons more storage this way- love it.  I need to get myself one of those nifty long clothes grabber thingies that stores have to access the tallest shelving which keeps the out of season wear.

I also had to put blinds on these windows as it faces the front of the house.  Eventually it won't be that bad when we put in our forest, but until then, I'm not cool changing in front of an open window.  Creeepy.

This is the walk in shower.  For now it's awesome for the entire family. I can stand beside the kids when they shower and be fully clothed- not getting wet.  I like not having a door. It feels like a spa.
Bathroom with heated floors. A must!

I had to take a picture of our bedroom at night because the lights are my favourite! The great room has a similar rope light around the top but it hasn't been installed yet.  I think it'll make the place super cozy in the winter.
Crystal chanderliery type light.  Makes me feel like a princess.  It also matches the pennants in the closet.  Also, notice the lack of furniture.  I'm working on building a headboard/night stand combo for this room- everything we brought over from the old house didn't work, colour wise- Dan would never tell you that though.

Also my favourite is the view at night.  Nope- no blinds for us. There's no neighbours in close range, so I'm cool with that.  Where the sun is setting glows with the lights of Martensville/Warman and Olser- so much that I even watched their fireworks from my bed on Canada Day.
Details, details, details...


  1. Do you turn the lights off when you're in the bedroom? I don't know I'd be worried some crazy person would be out in the woods! lol

    1. hahaha, lights are on....but I'm not gonna lie, I make sure I'm hiding somewhere when I change.


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