Summer read numero 3.

This summer may very well be the summer of reading; I'm powering through books with the similar voracity of a younger Deena.  You know- that point in your life when you had nothing but time and well, when I had nothing but time, I chose to read.  This summer has started off quite different than the past 5 summers.  The kids are at this point where I don't need to have my eye on them every. single. waking. moment.  They play well in the basement when I'm upstairs, they can go in the front yard while I'm in the kitchen and I'm not chasing them around every second.  It's a break through.  A break through that gives me time to devour books.
My third book of the summer is an autobiography by R.A Dickey who is the Blue Jay's newly acquired this year, former Cy Young Winner, knuckleball pitcher.  I've only read a few autobiographies (Tina Fey, Jenny Lawson...) and when Jordan mentioned a list of baseball books she's read, I was inspired.  So when I saw this one, (sitting next to future 4th summer read which I picked up at the same time)- I figured if I'm going to read any ball book, it's going to be about the Blue Jays or something to do with them.  This was a perfect start.
Dickey has a remarkable story and he recounts his journey into the majors (which I find very fascinating) in detail.  I have a much better understanding of who he is and more compassion for him as a fan.  He is a faith filled man  which I also find refreshing.
Anyway, I was very pleased with this book and shall be adding more baseball autobios onto my must read least. beer and clam, the birds, the sunset, my comfy patio chair and the 4th read are calling me...

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  1. Sounds like you might also enjoy Dirk Hayhurst's memoirs/ autobiographies. Man of faith, honest, funny, and with a Jays connection :)


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