Summer Read 4


I quickly jumped into my fourth read as it was so closely related to my 3rd: all things baseball.  I loved R.A Dickey's book and have now added a couple baseball recommends to my fall reads list, I also loved my 4th book for this summer: The 100 Things Blue Jay Fans Book
I loved this book for many reasons:
1- it felt short because it was divided into 100 mini chapters relating either to Blue Jay history or cultural notes.  I learned a lot reading it- sometimes it felt redundant but that's okay- I usually need things repeated in order to remember them.
2- it gave me more pride in the team I love and I know a lot more of the behind the scenes stuff and I think that gives me a greater appreciation.

I would recommend this to any ball fan.  This didn't only teach me about the Blue Jay's history but it made reference to many great moments in baseball.  It made me want to wear my Bautista jersey more often and be proud of this team that my family loves- regardless if they win or lose.

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