house update- the rest of the upstairs


i just liked this picture...
Before I move on to showing you the rest of our upstairs- I thought I'd give you an update on a couple of things that were completed this week.
1- the rope light around the great room.  We now have a lovely glow at night.
2- the fireplace mantel.  The kids had some fun jumping around while I was trying to get some photos

rope light shining above bulkhead


looks best at night
Now for the rest of the upstairs.
my homage to our family stairwell

I love the view from here

Hallway leading to mud room.  This is my memory hallway with the painting of Grandpa Park and I, two paintings Grandma Diehl did and a picture of the virgin Mary and child that my former principal gave me after Kelly died.

pocket door bathroom...nothing exciting.

Laundry room with purple laundry. The colours remind me of Scotland.

The lockers were a great change- originally there was to be a big closet. Thanks for the suggestion, Michelle. I should really get on cleaning this room.....The door on the left goes to the garage.
And that's it- that's our upstairs!  Next week I'll start the basement

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