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A newfangled summer routine

This summer is so different and it's taking awhile to get used to it or maybe even to feel comfortable with it.

Reason 1:
Since the summer I was pregnant with Willis in 2007, we've had some kind of a pool and it has been my go to thing to do during my holidays.  The kids played multiple times in a day in it and when I had some free time, I was able to do my favourite sport- float and read.
This year we didn't set up the pool for multiple reasons- dirt, land settling, no natural gas line, unsure of water pressure...the list went on.   So I've had to be creative to find different ways to amuse ourselves in the heat.....

Reason 2:  Dan has also been traveling to Vancouver for work so that  also makes me readjust what I can and can't accomplish during the day.  I've been sending the kids to day care more often this year than I have in the past.  Difference is this year I don't feel guilty sending them a couple hours a day so that I can work out or get errands done.  Without the treadmill set up at home (and quite frankly no desire to run on a treadmill right now), I need that time to get a run in or a visit to the gym.  It's refreshing and much needed time when the days can be so very long.  And you know what?  The kids love it there and request Diane's so they can see their friends.

Reason 3:   Not having a home in the city that I can go back to and get things done.  What I've found the most difficult is what to do with my time when the kids are at daycare swimming their hearts out and I've finished my to-do list.  But I solved that quickly.  I now have a beach blanket in my car and some sunscreen and I quickly find a park, get myself a quiet, obscure cozy spot and read.  So far I've found some peaceful places on the riverbank and in the huge park in the middle of StoneBridge.  I felt guilty having some me time the first day but got over that quickly when I saw the benefits this reaped on everyone in our house when I was more relaxed.  Another favourite place that I hit up is Kyla's.  I love that she's at home during the day and I get to see her cute kids- she also let's me shower there after I run.

Summer is only 2 weeks deep and I'm starting to find a new rhythm.  It is the year that will see us doing more daily beach trips and day trips to Grandparents.  It's a good time and I hope to create some great memories for my kids in doing so!

Here's a look back at some summers of the past pre kids:
my happy place- chez the Goplens on the Kalamaka

summer of 2001

Tracy and Lau's wedding

First summer road trip with Dan to meet the BFF in Calgary

the happy place, again

random bar night in PA with the girls

The summer I spent in Quebec. 2000?

Rappelling in Quebec

Quebec summer.

Ball in the summer of course. I miss these girls.

adventures with brother

urban hikes with Christy and James

stagettes. This was the only blog appropriate picture from Christy's stagette that I could find.

Ah, Renee's wedding in Humboldt...or the night that the Park boys went nuts.

before Dan took on the wine and the town.

decorating Renee and Earl's house

Dan was so sick!


more provincial championships

new puppies

great friend times with my university girls.  I miss seeing them at the yearly weddings.