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A change will do you good.

Did you notice anything different about the blog today?  I would hope so because this has been in the works since April.  I've kinda wanted to take this blog in a different direction and feel that I'm not always going to be have the liberty of sharing so....freely...about my children's lives.  They will grow up.  They likely won't appreciate my candid stories.
So, things on this blog are going to start to change.  A new name, a new URL, a new design. Yes, I'll still be writing about my kids, but I'm also going to be focusing in on the wonderfully talented women that surround me: they have so much to share and so many gifts that need to be nurtured.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about community and how things seem to be so much easier when you know you have a support group behind you.  Whether it be friends, colleagues, teammates or acquaintances; I think everybody needs somebody at some point to stand by them.
This has been so evident to me, especially during the past couple weeks as I've been trying to motivate myself to get active.  I decided to, along with my sister and cousins, start posting my runs on Facebook and I have been surprisingly motivated by the "likes" they receive from random friends. What a simple like has done for me is kept me running 3 times a week, knowing that there are people cheering me on.  Same goes for this past weekend at provincials and all the motivation we got from former teammates who were there, supporting us at a cyber distance.   Or even parenting.  I love that the majority of my friends are all moms and can appreciate the good and the bad that comes with having kids.  We are so hard on ourselves sometimes.  I think Jordan said it best in her comment on my last post..." I realize that we all probably don't give ourselves nearly enough credit...."

So welcome to my new space; a space that will celebrate the beauty that we sometime fail to see, that we overlook and that we definitely don't give ourselves enough credit for.


  1. Love the new blog - great idea and looks awesome!

  2. I seriously did a double take. I closed the browser and opened your blog again! Hahahahaha! I still didn't totally believe until I started reading and it sounded like you. Didn't hurt that you quoted what I wrote yesterday! LOL

    I can't wait to see this evolve!

  3. I thought I was on the wrong site at first! Very nice!!


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