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30 something- Renee

So far I am finding my 30's to be a place where I am feeling more at ease with myself. I am loving our family of 6 and trying to relish in every moment especially this year on what is probably my last maternity leave. My children have helped me find joy every day in the smallest things. I am realizing that I can not do everything and am getting better at saying no and doing just what I really want to do and know is best for me and my family. I am so looking forward to more adventures as a family... sports, activities and family vacations. We are so blessed in so many ways and I hope that the rest of my 30's continue on this great path!

30 something - Christy

My 20s were about me - Falling in love, starting my career, and establishing long lasting friendships.  My thirties have been about my family - creating a home, having kids, and parenting.   With managing the stress of being a working parent, getting the kids to school and their extra classes, making meals, cleaning the house, and the list goes on, there is little time leftover for 'me'.  Most of my time is spent making sure my kids are happy and I neglect to put importance on what makes me happy.
Not only am I a wife and mother, I am a woman, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and I need to make time in my schedule for the other aspects of my life that make me happy.  For me, running makes me happy.  I love the music blaring in my headphones and the sun shining down on me.  I love feeling the impact of my foot on the pavement.  It gives me time to think, to clear my head.  It makes me a better wife and mother.  If I have learned one thing in my thirties, it is to make time for my…

30 something- Deena

"Life is too short to wear boring clothes"-Unknown
I really feel like I'm at that point in my life where I say more and more: I wish I would have...or...I really should.....I'm 34 years old and still feel 25, but I realize that I'm running out of time.  I don't want to wake up with regrets, realizing that it's too late to push my body to it's limits through exercise, to accept my flaws, to love my husband or to cherish every moment with my young children.  I have seen the fragility and preciousness of life first hand through the death of a beloved friend and the birth of my children.  Life is to be cherished- I get it and that's definitely something I didn't fully grasp in my 20s.  Being in my 30s is about embracing that realization and running with it- enjoying each moment and making it count.  Life is too short, afterall, to wear boring clothes.

On being 30 something

On Monday we start a series called 30 something which will focus on that inner beauty that we sometimes fail to see.  This was entirely Kyla's brainchild, I just like to pretend it was mine.  We decided to photograph 30 women in their 30s and focus on what they find beautiful about themselves and about life right now.  We started in April and are almost finished.

What Kyla and I found the most interesting in doing these photos of these remarkable women is that we could sit there for hours and point out how much we wish we had so and so eyes, or how so and so has the most beautiful smile, but when the women were shown their pictures, they were so nit-picky about themselves. We are our own worst enemies, aren't we?

"And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!" - Audrey Hepburn

A change will do you good.

Did you notice anything different about the blog today?  I would hope so because this has been in the works since April.  I've kinda wanted to take this blog in a different direction and feel that I'm not always going to be have the liberty of sharing so....freely...about my children's lives.  They will grow up.  They likely won't appreciate my candid stories.
So, things on this blog are going to start to change.  A new name, a new URL, a new design. Yes, I'll still be writing about my kids, but I'm also going to be focusing in on the wonderfully talented women that surround me: they have so much to share and so many gifts that need to be nurtured.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about community and how things seem to be so much easier when you know you have a support group behind you.  Whether it be friends, colleagues, teammates or acquaintances; I think everybody needs somebody at some point to stand by them.
This has been so evident to me, especially …

Summer Read 5

Another Elizabeth Berg, you shouldn't be too surprised with that though, I'm Berg obsessing this summer.
This has been my favourite read this summer, by far.  In fact, I liked it so much that I feel like sitting down and reading it again, but then again, Berg books seem to have that effect on me.
So many parts of this wonderful novel jumped out at me and had me rereading passages or reading very slowly-which is a rarity for me.  Normally I fast forward through books, but this one is a gem.  Thank you, Kyla for forgetting you already had a copy and getting another.  You seem to have the same problem as me.

In this novel, Berg tackled parenting, relationships with your husband, loss, new love, the love of reading, the love of writing, the love of your parents, the love of your children and had me wanting more.
I could see myself in so many passages. Helen lost patience and yelled at her (her daughter), then grabbed her by the arm and spanked her...Tessa wailed at the top of her …

Voices of the past

This past weekend was the probably close to the 15th time I've competed in a Senior level Fastball provincial competition. I've been fortunate to have spent the majority of my time on the diamond with a team who won 9 (10?)of those titles during their reign.  We have so many championship sweaters that I've lost track of our winning streak.  Our team was a family who cared deeply for one another which in turn, created ties that bind for a lifetime.  We were led by 3 calm, cool and collected men who patiently put up with women, a whole gaggle of them.
These past three years I've been playing with a younger team who are still very much in the building years.  Tons of potential, stellar athletes and energy abounding is what make up this team who have easily found a place in my heart.  There are girls on this team that I absolutely love and am thrilled to play ball with.  That's a good feeling.
I still somehow feel in limbo though, stuck between something that was out…

Summer Read 4

I quickly jumped into my fourth read as it was so closely related to my 3rd: all things baseball.  I loved R.A Dickey's book and have now added a couple baseball recommends to my fall reads list, I also loved my 4th book for this summer: The 100 Things Blue Jay Fans Book
I loved this book for many reasons:
1- it felt short because it was divided into 100 mini chapters relating either to Blue Jay history or cultural notes.  I learned a lot reading it- sometimes it felt redundant but that's okay- I usually need things repeated in order to remember them.
2- it gave me more pride in the team I love and I know a lot more of the behind the scenes stuff and I think that gives me a greater appreciation.

I would recommend this to any ball fan.  This didn't only teach me about the Blue Jay's history but it made reference to many great moments in baseball.  It made me want to wear my Bautista jersey more often and be proud of this team that my family loves- regardless if they win…

A newfangled summer routine

This summer is so different and it's taking awhile to get used to it or maybe even to feel comfortable with it.

Reason 1:
Since the summer I was pregnant with Willis in 2007, we've had some kind of a pool and it has been my go to thing to do during my holidays.  The kids played multiple times in a day in it and when I had some free time, I was able to do my favourite sport- float and read.
This year we didn't set up the pool for multiple reasons- dirt, land settling, no natural gas line, unsure of water pressure...the list went on.   So I've had to be creative to find different ways to amuse ourselves in the heat.....

Reason 2:  Dan has also been traveling to Vancouver for work so that  also makes me readjust what I can and can't accomplish during the day.  I've been sending the kids to day care more often this year than I have in the past.  Difference is this year I don't feel guilty sending them a couple hours a day so that I can work out or get errands …

house update- the rest of the upstairs

Before I move on to showing you the rest of our upstairs- I thought I'd give you an update on a couple of things that were completed this week.
1- the rope light around the great room.  We now have a lovely glow at night.
2- the fireplace mantel.  The kids had some fun jumping around while I was trying to get some photos

Now for the rest of the upstairs.

And that's it- that's our upstairs!  Next week I'll start the basement

Summer read numero 3.

This summer may very well be the summer of reading; I'm powering through books with the similar voracity of a younger Deena.  You know- that point in your life when you had nothing but time and well, when I had nothing but time, I chose to read.  This summer has started off quite different than the past 5 summers.  The kids are at this point where I don't need to have my eye on them every. single. waking. moment.  They play well in the basement when I'm upstairs, they can go in the front yard while I'm in the kitchen and I'm not chasing them around every second.  It's a break through.  A break through that gives me time to devour books.
My third book of the summer is an autobiography by R.A Dickey who is the Blue Jay's newly acquired this year, former Cy Young Winner, knuckleball pitcher.  I've only read a few autobiographies (Tina Fey, Jenny Lawson...) and when Jordan mentioned a list of baseball books she's read, I was inspired.  So when I saw thi…

Summer Read #2

I powered through my second summer read over the weekend when our camping trip was rained out. Or mosquitoed out. Actually, it was both.
I picked up Once Upon a Time There Was You when the kids and I hit up the library to get the kids set up for the summer read program.  Berg is one of my current favourite authors and I've been powering through her books.  I like her so much that after I read this one, I immediately started another of her books that I had lying around, thinking that I hadn't read it.  But then I got half way into it and realized that I'd already read it.  Oops.
So Once Upon a Time was unlike any of the Berg books that I've read.  Normally they are quite feel good but this one had some intrigue/mystery that had me hooked and unwilling to put it down.  In the end, it was the typical Berg feel goodness that left me satisfied and excited to read the next one of my list (which I'm pretty sure I haven't read...)

The story about the first time you tried to ride your bike

Dear Willis,
Today was the first time you tried to ride your bike, without training wheels.  Your sister wanted to come out and try her bike out too so I dressed you both up (you had been running around the house in your underwear- surprise, surprise).  Lucia doesn't know how to ride her bike, so after I removed the training wheels from yours, I also lowered her seat so she could learn too.
We set out on our little country road to get you going and you were excited.  In retrospect, I think you thought it'd be simple and were unpleasantly surprised to find it would be a challenge.  We gave Lucia a little ride first and we cheered her on as she learned to peddle her bike, then it was your turn.
These are moments I don't want to forget when I'm older.  I want to remember how you broke off the top of your helmet and I got mad at you.  You have the cutest eyes when you're feeling remorseful.   I want to remember how your orange sweats were drenched up the front (it look…

The master suite

This very well may be my favourite part of the house.  But I said that about the great room too.  I guess it's not a bad thing to love every room so much that sometimes I just go back and forth and never really settle because there are too many spaces I want to occupy.
The master suite is upstairs, off of the great room and is surprisingly quiet.  It has the two pieces that were on both of our wish lists : a large closet for me and a walk in shower for Dan.
Let's start with the closet.
Tons of shoe storage- however, I am going to ask the builder to add the shoe shelves all the way to the ceiling. Why not use that space.  Also? I'm sure I'll collect more shoes/purses as time goes by.  The builder made the call to switch back to the 12 foot ceilings (we originally had 9 ft like the bedroom/bathroom).  Tons more storage this way- love it.  I need to get myself one of those nifty long clothes grabber thingies that stores have to access the tallest shelving which keeps th…