3 purple lies

The big move. Part 1

Well, we are out of our house that has been home for the past 5 years. It was a long weekend of work which could not have been pulled off so efficiently without the help of our family.

We hired the geriatric moving squad, heavily relying on a freshly turned 60 year old and a 57/58 year old who celebrated his birthday moving us. That paired with two slightly wrinkled Cinderellas scrubbing the house made for a memorable time. I was thrilled to see my mom cleaning (only because it brought a part of grandma back for me- grandma diehl was known for her cleaning awesomeness) Big kuddos to our parents and Rob and Kyla for doing the brunt of the work as we picked up the pieces of our life, put them in boxes and stored them in a garage until we get possession of our house.
It was a little bit sad to say good bye to the house that saw so many wonderful things- and I was a little surprised to see my husband getting sentimental on me but life is a wondrous adventure if you choose to enjoy it.
We are now cozily bunked at my sister's place and I'm looking forward to spending some fantastic time with them. More on the welcoming abode they created us later this week.
Happy Monday!

Their favourite thing was playing in the big truck

Actually gonna miss my dogs for 2 weeks

Willis was such a great help!

picnics on the floor

last storytime

champagne, pillow, hard floor and blue Jays

a last play in the sandbox

My mom was a rockstar- but it's in her blood.

the last good bye with my sad eyed husband

Happy Birthday, Daddy!