3 purple lies

On living with family.

That's what sisters are for.

This statement could not have been made more true this past week.  Okay, I should also add brother in laws to that list, as Robbie is putting up with a lot of our garbage for 2 weeks.  
When we came to our new home on Sunday, we were welcomed into the coziest temporary abode I've ever seen.  The basement is all ours and we have our three beds together on one end and a living area on the other.  I always knew my sister was thoughtful and considerate, and that was driven in during our relocation.
Our meals for the two weeks are taken care of and planned, I can barely get my nose in far enough to help.  My lunches have never been healthier- I even joke at work that I'm practically living at a fat camp...I'm pretty sure I'll be losing weight in these two weeks.
Robbie and Kyla run a very organized household and I think that has made this stay that much easier.  It's a blessing to have that extra time with Kinsey and Addy, both of whom are forming a solid bond with their Uncle and cousins.
I could live here forever.  I love having those extra hands around the house.  I love that my kids are taken care of if I need to sneak out, or if Kyla and Rob want to go for a run together, they can.  We each get a date night during the week and have that ability, with built in babysitters, to spend some quality time together....although with the lame movies my husband wants to see, he might as well join in on Kyla and Robbie's dates.  Yuck, Star Trek.

This week has flown by, and I'm sure the same will be for next week.  Have a fabulous weekend! I'm hoping to finally get healthy- being sick for almost 2 weeks has really taken a toll on my body and I can't wait to get back out running and feeling healthy!