Lucia turns 3, part 3

by - June 24, 2013

Well we did it- we managed to celebrate our 3 year old 3 times and survived! This time surrounded by friends that feel more like family.  It was one of those rare moments when I can relish in having my three Saskatoon groups of friends gathered in one place.  Love it.  Thank you everyone who came out and celebrated!  It was a superhero party as Lucia wanted her Backson.  Guests were given name tags of their favourite super hero and kids had a chance to go downstairs and decorate themselves as heros (on a poster board).  I was anticipating rain but Mother Nature surprised me so the kids and the big kids (hubbies) also went out on a snake hunt.  They found 3 and snapped some cool pictures.  I'm surprised no one took some home as a party gift.
The cake was a huge hit and it was the first time I actually made a cake that looked good and tasted great.  Usually it's one of the other.
All in all, a great success.  Now to start correcting those finals....

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  1. love the pics! looks like a grand time!


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