Lucia turns 3, part 2.

by - June 21, 2013

Because of our constant movement and lack of home, we did some fancy maneuvering to celebrate Lucia's bday.

We celebrated on her on her actual birthday with cupcakes and the family that were around during the week.  We celebrated her again on Father's Day when both sets of grandparents were up and then we'll celebrate her again on Sunday with our friends.  
She's had a testy year and that girl deserves to be celebrated.  She also was really pumped for 3 cakes.  Kyla did the cupcakes, Mom did the Princess Cake and I will attempt a Backson cake (if you haven't seen the new Winnie the Pooh, this will make no sense- and is the most random request from her).  

Kyla MADE this dresser for Lucia from an old dresser.  She wallpapered the back, painted it, added baseboards to the bottom.  Lucia loves this.

She got a very cute digger with a pink seat from Nana and Papa

Tea parties with the ladies

custom made pink overalls for working on the acreage

her princess cake

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Everything about this screams awesome. The dresser, the picture frames, the digger, the overalls, the cake. Happy birthday, Lucia!


Have a lovely day!