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Lucia then and now : her 1st appt since the beginning of needlegate

3 months down since we started our nightly needle regime and now it's time to see what effect the growth hormone treatment has had on our little doll.
We have often been asked the question Well, do you see a difference? That's was a tough one to answer until the past month.  It seems like overnight she went up a shoe size and got taller; I definitely see the length in her legs, especially when I look at older video or photos of her. Other notable changes are her personality: she is a chatterbox and no longer shies away from people she doesn't see that often. And her appetite- wowsers, can that kid eat now.

Lucia was apprehensive to visit Dr. B (can hardly blame her after her experiences) and extremely shy, but the minute he'd leave the room she'd start talking about how big she is.  She was measured, weighed and then it was reported back on her growth chart to see how much she has gained.  Dr. B was thrilled to see the results and called it spectacular.  Lucia grew 2.5 inches!  Her weight growth wasn't as much, obviously.  Best case scenario for her- she didn't even require any follow up bloodwork or testing.  What a great day.  Now we continue on with the dosage and go back in 4 months to see the progress!

High fives all around!

With that, I'll leave you with some pictures of Lucia from last summer.   Next week we'll be celebrating her 3rd birthday; she's growing up much too quickly.


  1. What a great update! So glad to hear that all the needles are paying off. Great news!


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