Father's Day celebrations

by - June 17, 2013

We had a busy, exhausting, muddy weekend moving into our new place.  I'm so grateful that we were able to store our stuff in our garage- it made the rain doable.
I wanted to do a full out post on our house but I'm much too tired and way too lazy to find the cord to unload the pics from my camera.  I'll work on it for Wednesday. Maybe.

Instead let's focus on Father's Day!  I did something different for Dan- we celebrated it last week and we surprised him with a flying "lesson".   He's been obsessed with learning how to fly for awhile now so when a colleague told me about the Mitchinson flying school in town, I booked right away.   Dan was up in the air for 30 mins and the price was very reasonable.  I'm not too sure how he fit into that little plane but I know he loved it- the giddy smile when he got out was worth it.
Happy Father's Day to the most amazing man!

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Have a lovely day!