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by - June 14, 2013

This feels like a heavy post for me because I have felt quite stressed/ emotional over the past couple of days: there's a lot on our plate.
First we've been homeless, which has been made very comfortable for us by Kyla and Rob, but is still not home.  I can't wait to get some normalcy back into our lives.  I haven't cooked in two weeks and can't wait to get back into my kitchen.  This home building thing has been over a year of decisions and impatient waiting, it's hard to believe that tomorrow is the day we get possession!

Second thing is balance in life for me.  Finals start next week and I've been piloting a program on outcome based assessment, which means I had to re-evaluate how I evaluate my kids and how I get them to learn.  I've spent more time than usual prepping final exams which haven't really fallen at a good time with a big move happening too.  Because really, all I want to think about is unpacking and our new home.  It will be like Christmas unpacking items I haven't seen since the fall.  I also have been out of exercise having been sick for 2 weeks and overwhelmed with work and packing and desperately need to get back at it and lose that weight I want to lose.  I need to feel healthy.  Right now I don't.

Another emotional thing for me is today being June 14- the day we lost Kelly 12 years ago. Pair that with Dan's parents getting in an accident on their way back from Stoon yesterday and my nerves are shot. Luckily they are fine- the car not so much.  I hate car accidents. I miss my friend.

Yesterday we had an emotional day as we attended Willis' Kindergarten Graduation celebration.  I felt so much gratitude for his teachers that have been so wonderful and for the family who gathered to celebrate his day with us. I was so proud of him and really had to fight back tears every five minutes- I'm gonna be one of those sobbing moms, aren't I? He was so cute and shy up there - it's hard to believe how quick this year went. It feels like just yesterday I was so nervously getting him ready for his first day- which was by far one of the most stressful things I have done.
I had wanted to do up the video for today's post but didn't get around to it- went on a date with my hubby instead- we needed a night out after

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  1. Once you had let me know that Dan's parents were okay, I re-read the text you sent me and was taken back by "Kindergarten Grad". Seriously, I know it's the end of the year, but how can Willis be moving into grade one already. I got a bit misty! Looks like I am going to be one of those crying moms, too.

    I am going to find a way to honor Kelly's memory today. She was such an amazing friend to you. Love you.


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