A few of my favourite things

by - June 18, 2013

Welcome to the world, miss Macy! Congrats to Sara, Kris and Aiden!

Thanks to my sissy for helping me unpack the kitchen and make sense out of it.

Lucia loves her makeup table from mom and dad. She is quick to inform me to not touch the straightener. It's hot, mommy.

I could get used to this view
Oh, the work to be done...

Okay- I made it a step closer to posting house photos- I uploaded pictures to my computer ( which had to be set up ). But that's as far as I got. Every minute of the day is filled with something and I fall into bed exhausted before getting around to the other things that usually got done.
So today is a simple look into some o my favourite pictures of this last week....until I get my house update done- this will have to do. Also? I hate posting from my phone- super awkward and annoying. That is all.

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Have a lovely day!