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Lucia's Room

She's a happy, happy girl in her room and I don't blame her- I would be too. I love everything about this room and am so pleased to see that she had no problem adapting to a big girl bed.  The bedding was a huge hit (check it out on, they also have cute versions for boys)

There's still some work to do in this room over the summer- I want to paint her tall dresser white (which was made by my Grandpa Park for me when I was Lucia's age)  I also have a couple more pieces of art that I want to add- mostly I want her to do one for her own room on canvas. Could be fun!

Have a great weekend!

The house. Intro to the Great Room

When Dan and I first started designing this house- the one thing that we could agree on was that we wanted a very open concept first floor with high ceilings so we could have a big big big Christmas Tree.  Originally we had wanted to have all bedrooms downstairs, but then changed our minds.
The main floor of our new home is an open concept great room/kitchen with the master bed/bath/closet off to the side.  On the other side of the room you'll find the mudroom/laundry and a pocket bathroom.
One week in and I wouldn't change a thing about this layout.  I love everything about it.  Some of my favourite elements are the crystal chandeliers that reflect the light in the most beautiful way at sundown.  I tried capturing it for it.
There are a couple of elements still missing that will be complete in the next bit- the mantel for the fireplace and a replacement front door stained the same colour as our garage door.
All in all- this is my favourite place in the house.
That is unti…

Lucia turns 3, part 3

Well we did it- we managed to celebrate our 3 year old 3 times and survived! This time surrounded by friends that feel more like family.  It was one of those rare moments when I can relish in having my three Saskatoon groups of friends gathered in one place.  Love it.  Thank you everyone who came out and celebrated!  It was a superhero party as Lucia wanted her Backson.  Guests were given name tags of their favourite super hero and kids had a chance to go downstairs and decorate themselves as heros (on a poster board).  I was anticipating rain but Mother Nature surprised me so the kids and the big kids (hubbies) also went out on a snake hunt.  They found 3 and snapped some cool pictures.  I'm surprised no one took some home as a party gift.
The cake was a huge hit and it was the first time I actually made a cake that looked good and tasted great.  Usually it's one of the other.
All in all, a great success.  Now to start correcting those finals....

Lucia turns 3, part 2.

Because of our constant movement and lack of home, we did some fancy maneuvering to celebrate Lucia's bday.
We celebrated on her on her actual birthday with cupcakes and the family that were around during the week.  We celebrated her again on Father's Day when both sets of grandparents were up and then we'll celebrate her again on Sunday with our friends.   She's had a testy year and that girl deserves to be celebrated.  She also was really pumped for 3 cakes.  Kyla did the cupcakes, Mom did the Princess Cake and I will attempt a Backson cake (if you haven't seen the new Winnie the Pooh, this will make no sense- and is the most random request from her).  

Have a great weekend!

A few of my favourite things

Welcome to the world, miss Macy! Congrats to Sara, Kris and Aiden!
Thanks to my sissy for helping me unpack the kitchen and make sense out of it.

Lucia loves her makeup table from mom and dad. She is quick to inform me to not touch the straightener. It's hot, mommy.

I could get used to this view
Oh, the work to be done...

Okay- I made it a step closer to posting house photos- I uploaded pictures to my computer ( which had to be set up ). But that's as far as I got. Every minute of the day is filled with something and I fall into bed exhausted before getting around to the other things that usually got done.
So today is a simple look into some o my favourite pictures of this last week....until I get my house update done- this will have to do. Also? I hate posting from my phone- super awkward and annoying. That is all.

Father's Day celebrations

We had a busy, exhausting, muddy weekend moving into our new place.  I'm so grateful that we were able to store our stuff in our garage- it made the rain doable.
I wanted to do a full out post on our house but I'm much too tired and way too lazy to find the cord to unload the pics from my camera.  I'll work on it for Wednesday. Maybe.

Instead let's focus on Father's Day!  I did something different for Dan- we celebrated it last week and we surprised him with a flying "lesson".   He's been obsessed with learning how to fly for awhile now so when a colleague told me about the Mitchinson flying school in town, I booked right away.   Dan was up in the air for 30 mins and the price was very reasonable.  I'm not too sure how he fit into that little plane but I know he loved it- the giddy smile when he got out was worth it.
Happy Father's Day to the most amazing man!

A royal dumpster of all things on my mind

This feels like a heavy post for me because I have felt quite stressed/ emotional over the past couple of days: there's a lot on our plate.
First we've been homeless, which has been made very comfortable for us by Kyla and Rob, but is still not home.  I can't wait to get some normalcy back into our lives.  I haven't cooked in two weeks and can't wait to get back into my kitchen.  This home building thing has been over a year of decisions and impatient waiting, it's hard to believe that tomorrow is the day we get possession!

Second thing is balance in life for me.  Finals start next week and I've been piloting a program on outcome based assessment, which means I had to re-evaluate how I evaluate my kids and how I get them to learn.  I've spent more time than usual prepping final exams which haven't really fallen at a good time with a big move happening too.  Because really, all I want to think about is unpacking and our new home.  It will be like Chr…