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Willis and the point system

Willis is competitive- we get that.  He is so competitive, in fact, that we've decided (by fluke, I must add) to use that to our advantage.

In order to get Willis going that extra step- we've developed a point system that rewards good behaviour.  Once Willis gets 150 points- he gets to play 30 minutes of Wii.  He is awarded points for random things (and this was such a fluke that there's really no rhyme or reason to why our points are rewarded or for the quantity- and I'm a teacher....) (Will work on that when he catches on)
He gets 50 points when he takes the bus home after school (not his favourite thing to do, but gives me an extra hour to get things done)
He'll get points for helping out around the house when not asked.  He'll win some for cleaning up, helping his sister or anything out of the ordinary that we don't expect.
Point being, he does something good- he gets rewarded.

Now I've spent sometime arguing this in my head, thinking of ways this could backfire.  For instance, I don't want him to only tidy up a mess Lucia made in the playroom because he'll get points.  I do want him to learn to act out of kindness simply because he's a kind kid.  That's something I want to avoid with this system.
But for now, it's working and he's pretty reasonable and I think he's understanding the concept of why it's important to do good deeds.
This past week,  Willis was allowed to have a treat for player of the game (we were definitely thinking along the lines of ice cream or chips and dip) but he requested that Lucia not get her needle that night.

That's my boy.


  1. that's an interesting comment from him - it's easy to overlook how disturbing the whole injection thing can be for him! what an insightful kid!

  2. Oh Willis. We love you! He is such a great role model!


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