What feels like a monster Mother's Day post

by - May 13, 2013

Willis brought this home from school-loved it.  Apparently, when he was explaining it to Dan later on, what he meant by "eating" was actually "cooking", but pretty darn cute anyway.

My Mother's Day weekend was spent doing what we have been normally doing every weekend: trying to pack and organize our life.  It'll be nice when we finally see an end  to this and can just play but more on that Wednesday.
I did manage to get some alone time, which is a gift in itself.  Dan took the kids to see his mom on Saturday while I had some video work to do and a ball practice to attend.
Anyway, a day alone did me good and made me very appreciative for my kids when they came back.  It's crazy how quiet a house can be when there aren't any small bodies filling every moment.
We had a great Sunday together...the kids put together a list of things that they thought I'd love to do and you guessed it, we did it!  Here is my photo rendition of my Mother's Day.

 The highlight for me was the zoo in the morning.  We had signed up for the Keeping with the Keepers.  It was inexpensive, 3 hours long, we got a beautiful breakfast after AND WE GOT TO FEED THE ANIMALS.  I loved it.  Willis was soaking it all up too.  Loved the cougars and the bears the best. Lucia loved the hay ride

Parenting has its challenges that's for sure and sometimes it feels like I spend most of my time frustrated , but that's easily forgotten the minute you hear those giggles, hold those sweet little hands and hug those beautiful little babies.
Last week I asked my grade 9s to text their parents (during class-gasp) and find out when they (the parents) were most proud of them (the students).  The kids wanted me to ask my parents too....and I did, but first I had everybody make predictions as to what they thought their parents would say.  Needless to say, a very entertaining discussion ensued when the odd student started getting texts from their parents.
That's a tough question.
Now that I'm a mom- I don't think I could nail down a specific moment when I was most proud of my children....until this week.....

 I showed up to pick Will up from school on Thursday to see him pulled out of class, having a heart to heart with a teacher.  Interesting, me thought.  So I waited it out as they went back and forth from class to principal's office until finally the teacher pulled me in to chat.  To make a long story short, apparently Willis and a kid got in to an argument over a jump rope and said kid starting scratching Willis in the face.  A teacher was summoned, and they were brought in.  Kid apologized, Willis said nope, I don't accept your apology, I'm too mad.  He had some time to breathe and then accepted it.
Not gonna lie, it was strange being on the other side of events, not being the one mediating squabbles.  But I was proud.  I was proud of him for being disciplined enough not to hit the kid back.  I was even more proud to see that he was able to express his emotions and not accept an apology until he was ready for to.
We definitely went out for ice cream to celebrate and he was awarded 100 points (more on my point system next week)
clawed up face
 Lucia on the other hand makes me proud every single night at 7pm when she receives her needle.  Not a tear, not even a whine or a complaint.  She is all smiles now.  What a girl and I'm so amazed that it only took us 2.5 months to get to this simplicity.

I feel so blessed and part of that comes from being raised by wonderful grandmothers, aunts and a fantastic mom.  But also because I have my sister and my girlfriends as soul mates on this journey of motherhood where I can feel free to share my woes and celebrates our feats.  So thank you to all the wonderful moms in my life.
Have a lovely Monday.

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Have a lovely day!