3 purple lies

The things I hope for. Kid version.

Willis, you will be a sports fan all your life,  but cheer for the right reasons- because you love the game.  Don't give up when your team is down and learn to support them through thick and thin.  So much character can be built when you can learn to lose with dignity and grace or to win with humility.

Lucia, as a girl, you will be bombarded with reasons why you should diet.  Please don't jump on a bandwagon of recent diet fads.  Learn early the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out/eating right to be fit and strong- not skinny.

Children, say thank you and you're welcome.  Be grateful and acknowledge the important people in your life.  Please don't get stuck in a bubble that shuts you out from the outside world.

Make many friends and keep the good ones close to your heart.  Protect them and their friendship with everything you have- they'll be the ones beside you throughout your entire life.

Take a deep breath and breathe when you get stressed.  You can easily aggravate the situation and hurt others by acting on impulse.

Dear both of you, please learn to spell- otherwise I'll be correcting you A LOT.  Which is two words, not one. FYI.  I'm also open to you correcting me- that shows me that you are aware and your brain is working.

Know that your dad and I are on your team ALL THE TIME, regardless the situation.  If you've done something bad, something horrendous, something crazy, we'll always stick beside you and help you through. We may be hurt, disappointed or upset but we will ALWAYS love you through it.

Treat your family well, including your cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles- they have played a huge part in who you have become.  You can trust them, rely on them and turn to them when you need anything.  Ask your aunts and uncles for money.  All the time. But don't ask Aunty Kyla for advice after 7 p.m- her brain turns to mush, or so she says.

Lucia, you are small and will need a big personality to keep you from being squished. I see that strength being developed already and am sure this won't be a problem for you. The other day you were playing and randomly said: "I'm bossy". I am more than okay with you being bossy because to me it means you aren't afraid to be a leader and to delegate. You take charge all you want, my girl, just make sure you always treat people with respect.

Willis- you have many great male role models in your life.  Learn from them, spend time with them and treasure them- your Dad especially. I am in love with the man I want you to become and if you turn out to be anything like him, then you're set.

Willis and Lucia, above all, please know that you are unconditionally, endlessly and passionately loved by many people- if you do anything in your life- learn to return that love and to give generously of yourselves.

                                                           Let your light so shine, my loves !