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I am in a workout groove and that's a statement that isn't said often by me, so let's run with it.  Literally and metaphorically.

3 days a week I've been running 5km for around 30 ish minutes...I'd like to get my distance up but am not too ambitious about that quite yet.  I'm just proud of myself for actually running.  I attempted a run outside last weekend but didn't enjoy it. I had LUcy with me in the big stroller and I forgot how hard that is to push and also- my hands go numb.  So I'll stick to the treadmill, netflix, my Britney cutout and my fancy new running shoes instead.  And the furby.

On my alternating days I do a strengthening workout for my arms/upper back and then to supplement that I have a new favourite app: runtastic.  I got the runtastic situps app for free and have been rocking the routine ever since.  I don't think I've ever done this many situps in my life.  I think it works for me because you have to hold the iphone and bring it with you in the full situp and the counter only goes down when you've done a full situp.  I've since purchased the squat and pushup versions as well so at some point each night I'm meeting my challenge goals.  This has been a super hit for me.  My favourite is the pushup app because you have to touch your iphone with your nose to change the counter.  How fun!

Do you have any secret fitness apps that I need to know about to keep myself moving?????? Please share!

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