3 purple lies

Last year

I see Lucia every day- so to me, when I'm asked if I think she's grown since we've started the treatments, I respond with...I think so?  
But when I looked back on our pictures of last year's May Long and can clearly see how's she has transformed from baby to young lady, then that change becomes evident.  
She is getting bigger and not only has grown physically but in leaps and bounds in vocab and personality.

I love May Long weekend and last year was like none other.   It was a memorable May Long spent at Elkridge, witnessing the marriage of Chris and Marina.  Beautiful weather paired with stunning surroundings made it a great time to be together with family.  I loved Chris and Marina's wedding- it was personal and intimate and really showcased their love for each other.  Congrats on celebrating your one year, dearest sister and brostar in law.

A lot can happen in a year. People change, life changes, there are ups and downs.  But looking back on these pictures makes me feel good inside and it makes me proud to see how much my little girl (and boy, for that matter) have grown.

This year, May Long.  Lucia and Aiden do some modeling for me.

Yup, they grow up much too quickly.

(Marina and Chris' wedding photos are courtesy of Emma Love Photography)