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House update- one month to go

In exactly one month from now we'll be moving into our new home. I'm so excited that I can barely sleep at night- but I better settle down...a month is still a long time.
Originally we were supposed to be in our house March 5, but there was a hold up with SaskPower and then our house took awhile to sell, so I'd say it all worked out in the end.  Plus we didn't have to move in the snow or live through the melt and the mud.
We lose possession of this house June 3, which leaves me with exactly 17 days left to pack up before the moving truck shows up on the 31st to bring our haul to storage.  17 days feels like a lot of time, but when I look at what's left in my house- I feel overwhelmed, which then makes me want to pour myself a glass a red and ignore the jobs to be done.  Counterproductive o'clock.
I've been packing since after Christmas and did tons over Easter Break.  After this weekend, I'll be down to the things we'll need until the minute we move.  It'll get done, I know and man, oh man, will I be thrilled when it is.
We get a nice two week break between the moving out/cleaning of this house until we actually get to unpack our things in our new home.  During our two week homeless hiatus, we'll set up at my sister's house and mooch off of them.  Who am I kidding, my sister is much like me and LOVES to house, also?- it's like I'll have my own personal nutritionist/chef for two weeks- it's gonna be AWESOME!  Plus we'll get some extra special time with Kinsey and Addy- the kids will have a blast.

So that's it- in one month, I'll be able to give you the complete tour of our new pad!!
Let's look back at the progress that we've seen since August:

picking out the lot
we got us a big hole

basement being framed after we finally got power

exploring the property

tile work in Master shower

 And that's it!  It's always thrilling to go to the house on weekends to see what has been done and I can't wait to share the finished product with you in a month!  Including how I've been planning/decorating my retreat area....which I'll probably share way before because I'm SO excited!!!!
Have a great Wednesday